K-League 2, Gimcheon 1st round?… As it turned out, the 4-strong composition

April 16, 2023 0 Comments

Before the opening of the professional football K League 2, the commanders pointed to Kim Cheon as the absolute best.

It was a story that came out because it was not only the team that Kim Cheon used to play in ‘upper water’, but also a military team where national level players could be freely selected. In the past, when Gimcheon fell to the second division, the precedent in which it was easily promoted to the first division the following year also had an impact.

Gimcheon’s bland challenge to win, which the majority expected, is flowing into an unexpected confusion. As of the 16th, when Gimcheon played 6 games, it suffered 2 losses (4 wins) and remained in 2nd place, while FC Anyang (1st place, 4 wins, 2 draws), Gyeongnam FC (3rd place), and Busan I’Park (4th place, 3 wins or more) 3 draws), etc. ran undefeated to form a semi-final composition.

In the K-League 2 semifinal composition, it is impossible to leave out the propaganda between Gyeongnam and Busan, which drew 0-0 in the ‘Nakdong River Derby’ on the 15th.

Gyeongnam is a team that has even been mentioned as disbanding due to internal problems with the club. Even though they lost all foreign players such as Willian, Hernandez, and Thiago, who led the attack last year, their performance is on the rise. The secret is director Seol Ki-hyun’s change of mind. Leading Gyeongnam for the fourth year, he even changed his soccer philosophy to keep an eye on offense, completing the salty water defense (2 runs) with the lowest point in the K-League 2. And based on that defense, Seol defeated Gimcheon 2-0. 메이저놀이터

In the second year since director Park Jin-seop took the helm, the change in Busan is even more exciting. Busan, which was messy enough to stay in 10th place last year, has balanced the offense and defense this year. There is a weakness of not having a proper forward striker, but Lamas and Pesin score three goals each and lead the upward trend. The two players scored side by side in the face-to-face confrontation with Kimcheon, leading to a 3-1 victory.

Soccer experts believe that this change in K-League 2 will be a boon to the box office, but they say that the gap between the bottom of the first division and the top of the second division has narrowed. It is unfortunate that it is a downward leveling, not an upward leveling, but the promotion playoffs at the end of the season are expected to become more intense.

Sports trend commentator Kim Dae-gil said, “It is true that Kim Cheon, who repeats enlistment and discharge, is experiencing difficulties at the beginning of the season.” It is impossible to guarantee the survival of teams that have been pushed to the relegation zone in the K-League 1.”

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