K League 2 Ansan names former Jeonnam head coach Lim Kwan-sik as new head coach

August 9, 2023 0 Comments

Former Jeonnam head coach Lim Kwan-sik will take the helm of the vacant K League 2 Ansan Greeners.

“Coach Lim’s move to Ansan has been confirmed,” said a source close to the transfer market on Monday, adding, “There were several candidates, but it was concluded that Coach Lim, who has a wide range of experience in the domestic stage, will take the helm.”

Born in 1975, Lim started with Jeonnam in 1998, then moved to Busan in 2004 before returning to Jeonnam in 2007 and finishing his career in 2008. He entered the coaching ranks with Gwangju in 2012 and took over as head coach of college soccer dark horse Honam University in 2013. Since then, he has worked as an assistant coach at Jeonnam and as an executive coach, and is currently serving as the head coach of Jeonnam this season under Lee.

He is also known as a scholarly coach, earning a doctorate in soccer from Honam University in 2017.

Lim has been touted as a good fit for Ansan, which is in need of a fresh start, as he has been through the ringer at the domestic level.

Ansan is under indictment for allegedly taking 40 million won from an agent in exchange for two Korean players when Lim was working for a Thai professional club in 2018 and 2019. Ansan sacked Lim Jong-heon in June after the allegations surfaced. The club has been searching for a new coach ever since.토토사이트

Ansan is 12th out of 13 teams with four wins, four draws, 15 losses and 16 points from 23 games this season.

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