Jo Myung-woo, who won the 3-Cushion World Cup, won the 2022 Korea Billiard Federation Grand Prize

February 24, 2023 0 Comments

Jo Myung-woo, who won the 3-Cushion World Cup in Sharm El Sheikh, Egypt last year, will receive the grand prize in the 2022 Korea Billiards Federation game category. In addition, Kim Haeng-jik (male 3 cushion), Han Ji-eun (female 3 cushion), Kwon Ho-jun (male pocket), Lee Woo-jin (female pocket)토토사이트, and Lee Dae-gyu (snooker/English Billiard) were selected as outstanding players.

On the 23rd, the Korea Billiards Federation (President Park Bo-hwan) selected 10 people who achieved excellent results last year, including Cho Myung-woo and Kwon Ho-jun, as the grand prize and excellent players.

The awards for them will be held at the ‘2023 Korea Billiards Federation New Year’s Celebration’ held at the Olympic Parktel in Songpa-gu, Seoul on the afternoon of the 23rd. In addition to the players, plaques of appreciation and merit plaques will be presented to those who have contributed to the development of billiards in various fields such as coaching, refereeing, daily sports, and school sports.

Jo Myung-woo (Seoul City Hall), the grand prize winner in the competition category, won his first personal victory at the 2022 Sharm El Sheikh 3-Cushion World Cup held in Egypt last December. After winning the ‘Dongt Donghae Cup’ and the Lausanne Masters, he successfully returned after being discharged in February of last year.

In the men’s 3-cushion excellent player, Kim Haeng-jik (Jeonnam Billiard Federation), who ranked first in Korea, was selected. Kim Haeng-jik won three competitions in 2022 (Jeongeup Billiards Championship, Goseong-gun Cup, and Korea Sports Council Cup) and maintained the No. 1 position in the rankings.

In the women’s division, Han Ji-eun (Seongnam Billiard Federation), who ranked first in the domestic women’s ranking, was selected. Han Ji-eun won the runner-up at the ‘World Women’s 3-Cushion Championships’ in September 2022, and won the Glory Competition, Goseong-gun Cup, and Jeongeup Billiards Championships held in Korea.

In the men’s and women’s pocketball, snooker and English Billiard categories, Kwon Ho-joon, Lee Woo-jin, and Lee Dae-gyu of the Incheon City Sports Association were selected.

In the student division, 4 students were selected as excellent players. Kim Tae-hyeon (Maetango) was selected in the high school male category, and Kim Hye-rim (Daejeon Billiard Federation), who finished runner-up at the ‘2022 World Junior 9-Ball Championship’ (19 years old and under), was selected as the high school female excellent player.

Next, Kim Geon-yoon (Busan Myeongho Middle School 3) was selected for the middle school division, and Kim Dae-hyeon (Sorae Elementary School 6) was selected for the elementary school division.

At the haryehoe, Seo Heung-won, Yanggu-gun, Gangwon-do, Hong Seung-bin, CEO of Hollywood, Kwon O-chul, Hanbat CEO, and Park Jung-kyu, Cusco CEO, were also awarded plaques of appreciation.

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