‘Jeju Happy Soccer Declaration’ New CEO Chang-yong Gu, what did you promise in your first meeting with the players?

Jeju United (hereinafter referred to as Jeju) will try again to qualify for the Asian Football Confederation (AFC) Champions League (ACL), which they failed to achieve for the second consecutive season. The newly appointed CEO, Koo Chang-yong, was dreaming of more than just grades in his first meeting with the team.

On the afternoon of the 5th, Jeju departed for Chiang Mai, Thailand, a battery training site through Terminal 2 of Incheon International Airport. From the 6th to the 30th, Chiang Mai’s field training will boost physical strength and physical condition, while maximizing organizational power and spurring strength.

Jeju’s goal for the 2023 season does not stop at advancing to the ACL. Advocating happy football, we are dreaming of a season in which all members and results are happy.

This is the goal pursued by CEO Chang-yong Koo, who was newly appointed this season. Happy soccer is everyone including Jeju residents, Jeju fans, clubs, coaching staff, players, and officials, and it means the high pride of Jeju Island, its hometown. With a winning mentality that challenges everything that Jeju can do without fear, we are trying to make a leap forward as a better and more prestigious team. 토토

This was also revealed at the meeting before his battery training. CEO Chang-Yong Koo greeted his team for the first time at Incheon International Airport. It was difficult to meet him in Jeju due to his team’s vacation, and we had our first meeting right before the start of field training.

He said, “Nice to see you all. I hope you went to the field training in good health,” he said. “I will help the club develop and achieve good results in the future. We will have time to communicate a lot with each other. I hope it will be a time to build a good club together.”

CEO Koo Chang-yong is selected as the right person to attach ‘happiness wings’ to Jeju, which dreams of new challenges and soars in the 2023 season, equipped with not only creative management innovation, but also horizontal leadership and multidisciplinary communication skills. It is expected that the happy football he will promote will not only lead to Jeju’s advance into Asia, but also to make Jeju fans happier this season.