Japan 1.5 million dollars rejected Hanwha New Ace “I want to be selected… I will end the external injury march”

February 13, 2023 0 Comments

 His pitching is top notch. The key is health. Unlike what he showed in Japan last year, if he plays the full season as a starting pitcher, he can play the role of the first starter that the team expected. Hanwha New Ace Birch Smith (33) gave an interview to the Korean media for the first time during the spring camp, revealing why she chose Hanwha and her goals for this year.

On the 11th (Korean time), Smith participated in the second bullpen pitching of spring camp at Bellbank Park in Mesa, Arizona, USA. Unlike the first bullpen pitching, he threw the ball from the ground mound instead of the bullpen, and batters even stood at bat. On this day, Smith threw a total of 26 pitches, using four-seam, two-seam, curve, slider, and changeup. The top speed was 150 km/h.

It is a power pitcher that fits the latest trend. He uses his 150km range four-seam well in the top of the strike zone, and his second pitch is a curve suitable for pairing with a highball토토사이트. The curve is slow and the angle does not drop significantly, but it moves quickly in strong rotation in a slub type. Basically, he uses all the pitches necessary for a starting pitcher and is a fly ball induction type. Hanwha expects Smith to lead the starting lineup if there are no variables such as injuries.

His skills were recognized elsewhere as well. Smith, who played for Seibu of the Nippon Professional Baseball last year, was offered a new contract. It was the first year of professional baseball in Japan, where he struggled in the process of entering Japan and seemed to be injured. Smith played 26 games as a middle pitcher at Seibu last year.

According to general manager Hyuk Son, the amount offered to Smith by Japan was up to 1.5 million dollars. Considering the KBO league’s $1 million cap, Smith was a foreign pitcher that the Korean team could not catch. However, Smith chose to go to Korea because he was attracted to playing the season as a starting pitcher rather than a midfielder.

In an interview with reporters after training on the 11th, he said, “I wanted to be a starting pitcher. He also has pride in being selected. In Japan, I was seen as a middle pitcher, but after hearing that I could start in Korea, I decided to play in Korea.” However, the proportion of incentives was greater than the guaranteed amount, and I chose Korea where I could be selected.”

Then, Smith emphasized the importance of his lower body, saying that his hard lower body is the result of hard work and genetics. He said, “It seems like the pitcher is throwing the ball with his arm, but in reality, the lower body, core, and arms all form a connecting motion. The starting point, the lower body, is the most important,” he said. “My grandfather was an American football player. A solid lower body has been passed down from his grandfather to me. He also puts a lot of emphasis on lower body training,” he said.

The goal is to finish the season. “I think health is the most important thing,” said Smith. He said, “I will try not to get sick in the process of the team playing 144 games.” I want to end the foreign pitcher’s injury streak. There is pressure, but I will overcome the pressure well and maintain my health, and I will make up for all the things that the past foreign pitchers have not been able to do.”

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