It wasn’t the Giants, it wasn’t the Mets… free agent infielder Correa ended up staying at Minnesota

January 11, 2023 0 Comments

Correa, who did not pass the medical test twice, as an original team with a reduced amount

Carlos Correa’s destination was neither the San Francisco Giants nor the New York Mets. He teamed up again with his original team, the Minnesota Twins.

The US media, including ‘ESPN’, announced on the 11th (Korean time) that Correa signed a contract with Minnesota for 6 years and a total of 200 million dollars (249.6 billion won).” 100 million won) is included, and if the option is executed, Correa will receive up to 270 million dollars (about 337 billion won).

According to the contract, at least 502 at-bats in the previous season or the best player in the league (MVP) ) The option is fulfilled when the vote is within the 5th place, and the option is activated even if the player receives the Silver Slugger or is selected as the MVP in the League Championship Series or World Series.

Correa, who opted out after last season after returning to Minnesota in a less than perfect condition, wanted to come out on the free agent market and get his own evaluation. He proved his worth on offense and defense, hitting more than 20 home runs and winning the American League Gold Glove for shortstop. His career big league performance is a batting average of 0.279 with 155 home runs and 553 RBIs in 888 games with an OPS of 0.836.

In the middle of last month, San Francisco reached out to Correa. The terms of the contract were 350 million dollars in total over 13 years, and they literally agreed to a ‘super-large contract’. He was left with only a medical test (physical examination) and a press conference to join.

It wasn’t long before San Francisco’s attitude suddenly changed. San Francisco, which abruptly canceled the press conference, confirmed that there was a problem with Correa’s right ankle in the process of conducting a medical test. In the end, the contract became ‘something that never happened’.

As the distance between Correa and San Francisco increased, the Mets stepped in this time. The two sides agreed to a 12-year contract for a total of $315 million. Thanks to Correa’s addition, the Mets seemed to be building ‘the best infield in the league’.

But another medical test got in the way, and the Mets also dropped the contract. Correa had to return to her original team, Minnesota. Whether or not he passed the medical test has not been announced, but it is expected that there will be no major problems as it is a stay rather than a transfer. 토토사이트

Significant reduction in amount…’injury risk’ had an impact

Correa struggled to get the stamp, but the contract period was shortened. First of all, he had to face a drastically cut amount. Based on the guaranteed total, he cut a whopping $150 million (approximately 186.3 billion won) from the amount he agreed with San Francisco.

It was less than the amount Minnesota previously offered to Correa (a total of 280 million dollars over 10 years), but it became realistically difficult for Correa, who did not receive a passing score in the medical test, to receive a large sum. There were no other options other than Minnesota.

Another thing that stands out is that Minnesota included specific options in the contract. It seems that he was conscious of the ‘injury risk’ to some extent. The club put forward 502 or more at-bats as one of the criteria for meeting the option, and since 2015, when Correa debuted in the big leagues, the seasons with more than 502 at-bats were 2016 (660 at-bats), 2021 (640 at-bats), and last year (590 at-bats). ) for only three seasons.

As long as he can play healthily, he is a player who can be of great help to the team. Attention is focusing on whether Correa, who had to watch his value drop while going through medical tests three times, dispel his concerns.

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