It was a practice ball’ I didn’t know throughout the set… volleyball federation

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The day after the professional volleyball All-Star Game, the court was embroiled in controversy. This is because it was revealed that he used a ‘practice ball’ throughout a set in the game a few days ago. The Volleyball Federation bowed its head.

This is Reporter Moon Sang-hyeok.


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Throwing his body and stacking on top of it, he saved the ball, but was blocked by blocking.

There is also a warm scene where a strong spike crosses the net and gives an apology to an opponent who collapsed after being hit in the head.

The set score was 3-0, IBK’s one-sided match, but it was a great match filled with various scenes, but it turned into a ‘skid’ with one fact discovered belatedly.

This scene in the 3rd set, it seems to be the same as usual, but if you look closely, you can see the phrase ‘for practice’.

The same goes for serving from the other side.

Balls that cross the net are also labeled ‘practice’.

The Korea Volleyball Federation issued an apology saying, “After the second set, the practice ball and the game ball were mixed during the 5-minute break.”

In official competitions, only five balls must be used that have been approved prior to competition, including color, girth and weight.토토사이트

This happened 4 years ago too.

[Yoo Kwang-woo/Korean Air (2019): This is an old ball. You kept doing it with the old ball.]

The player who was preparing to serve raised an objection that one ball had a different color from the other balls, and it turned out that the 4 balls except for this ball were match balls from last season.

At the time, the Korea Volleyball Federation issued a disciplinary suspension to the game supervisor, assistant referee, and standby referee.

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