Is the relationship with Hyunjin Ryu over? Toronto Offseason A’s look to the future

“If you want to wait until next winter when Ryu Hyun-jin gets out of the balance sheet… ”

The Toronto Blue Jays seem to have started ‘erasing Ryu Hyun-jin’. After the 2023 season, when the 4-year, $80 million (approximately 104.1 billion won) contract ends, Ryu Hyun-jin is unlikely to be captured again. He virtually skipped this season, and even if he returns in the second half of the 2023 season, the same performance as in previous years cannot be guaranteed.

For Toronto, it would be wise to assume there is no Ryu Hyun-jin and prepare for the 2023 season and beyond. The team has already strengthened the starting lineup by acquiring right-hander Chris Bassett from the free agent market for three years and $63 million. Bassett played 30 games for the New York Mets this season, going 15-9 with a 3.42 ERA.

The starting lineup for the 2023 season will be centered on ace Alec Manoa and Kevin Gausman with a one-two punch, Jose Berrios, and Bessit메이저놀이터. Ross Stripling (San Francisco Giants) has left, but there are prospects, and there is insurance called Yusei Kikuchi, who failed this year.

On the 20th (hereinafter Korean time), Bleacher Report conducted a mid-term inspection and rating of the offseason of 30 major league teams. I gave Toronto an A. In particular, it was highly appreciated that the team removed Teosca Hernandez (Seattle Mariners), who was expected to earn $14 million in annual salary during the preliminary free agency season, and recruited Kevin Kiermeyer for $9 million a year.

Toronto has many long-term, high-priced contracts such as Ryu Hyun-jin. There are also young cores who can pursue multi-year non-free agent contracts such as Vladimir Guerrero Jr. and Bo Bisset. Bleacherlift’s evaluation is that trading Hernandez was a good thing in terms of payroll management. At this point, Hernandez is better than Kiermeier, but considering that he got a promising pitcher (Adam Marco), it means that it is a benefit. In a similar sense, it was good to let go of the veteran stripling and bring in Bassett.

He also left an opinion that Guerrero’s long-term contract should be attempted after the contract with Ryu Hyun-jin ends. “I’d love to see Toronto sign a long-term contract with Guerrero before it’s too late, but he won’t sign a free agent until after the 2025 season,” said Bleacher Report. If Toronto wants to wait until next winter, when Ryu Hyun-jin, Chapman and others are off the balance sheet, then they should.”

In any case, Ryu Hyun-jin should show an impact when he returns in the second half of next year. It was clearly revealed that Toronto’s long-term plan was omitted. When Ryu Hyun-jin finishes the 2023 season, he has the option of returning to his parent Hanwha Eagles along with remaining in the major leagues.