Influential media, “Recruitment of Lee Dong-jun was a real failure… Only injuries remain”

Reporter Kwak Him-chan = Germany’s leading media also confirmed Lee Dong-jun’s transfer to Jeonbuk Hyundai.

German media ‘Buld’ said on the 16th (Korean time), “Lee Dong-joon’s transfer to Hertha Berlin was a real failure. He only played 4 times for a year and was injured. Lee Dong-jun is now heading to Jeonbuk.” 토토

Lee Dong-jun made his debut at Busan I-Park in 2017 and transferred to Ulsan Hyundai last year. Lee Dong-jun, who jumped to the starting lineup under the direction of coach Hong Myung-bo, performed outstandingly and challenged the Bundesliga stage in response to a love call from Berlin.

Lee Dong-jun, who wanted to move to the big leagues to the point of giving up joining Ulsan’s winning race, was expected to successfully settle down by making his debut in Berlin, but his injury got in the way. In the end, Dong-Jun Lee only played in 4 league games, ending his unfortunate big league challenge.

Now, Lee Dong-jun is heading to Jeonbuk. ‘Built’ evaluated the recruitment of Berlin’s Lee Dong-jun as “really a failure”. The media commented, “Lee Dong-jun, who only made four appearances in one year, is now heading to Jeonbuk after saying goodbye to Berlin.”