‘I’m tired, I’m tired. Don’t test my patience’ James calls Lakers front desk to reinforce players

January 9, 2023 0 Comments

Lebron James seems to be in a hurry. He is showing his impatience with his short-lived active duty life.

“All of you reporters know what’s going to happen to the Lakers,” James told The Athletic recently. It means reinforcing players through trades.

But the Lakers front is hesitant.

James was furious at this. He expressed his dissatisfaction in an indirect way.토토사이트

“James is getting tired,” wrote The Athletic reporter, who conducted the interview. He is telling me not to test my patience any longer.

Then, as if trying to avoid controversy, James tweeted, “Actually, my patience has not diminished.”

“My job is to focus on the players in the locker room,” James protested.

In fact, James isn’t interested in who the Lakers will pick as their 2027 and 2029 rookie. Because by then he was already retired.

So he’s going to use his draft pick as a trade card while he’s there.

With time running out, James is eager to win another championship while with the Lakers.

Attention is focusing on whether the Lakers front will listen to James’ urging.

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