“I’m glad I can continue to wear the NC uniform”… The inner thoughts of the founding members

“It’s really good to be able to continue wearing the NC uniform and running.”

Pitcher Lee Jae-hak (32), who entered the FA market, will wear the NC Dinos uniform next season as well. As a founding member, he plans to keep the mound at Changwon NC Park next year. NC officially announced the contract with Lee Jae-hak through a press release on the 16th. Up to 900 million won for 2+1 years, the details are 550 million won for 2 years of guarantee and 350 million won for total options including contract execution for the 3rd year.

Lee Jae-hak made his pro debut in the Doosan Bears uniform with the overall 10th overall pick in the 2nd round of the ‘2010 KBO Rookie Draft’, then transferred to NC through the ‘KBO 2nd Draft’ in the winter of 2011.

Since then, as a member of his founding team, he has left strong records such as the first win, the first complete game, the first shutout, the first rookie of the year, and the first 10 wins in the domestic start. He is a living history of NC and a franchise star.

Lim Seon-nam, NC general manager, said, “I am happy that we can continue to make history with Lee Jae-hak, who shared important moments such as our club’s first win, first complete game, and first rookie award. I hope to be able to play a large role in this.”

In an interview with Spot TV News after his contract, Lee Jae-hak said, “It’s really good that I can continue to play in the NC uniform.”

The following is a Q&A with Lee Jae-hak.

-I signed a long-awaited FA contract

. I have been with NC since its founding. It feels so good and fortunate to be able to be together again.

– I met Changwon fans wearing an NC uniform next year, and I think it will have a different meaning

. I really like the fact that I can continue to play in an NC uniform. With the mindset of starting anew, I try to show a good image by challenging myself once again.

-As an NC franchise, you must have some pride

(you can continue the franchise), but I am fortunate, and I want to do it for a longer period of time. I have to be good at it and have to be good at it, so I have no choice but to find a better image than when I was good by supplementing the things I was disappointed with as much as possible.

– Founding member Park Min-woo signed an FA contract and chose to remain in NC. Did you exchange any special stories while waiting for the contract? You and

(Park) Min-woo are working out at the same center. He kept running into each other, and Minwoo said, “Hyung, I hope you get a good contract soon.” He said, “Let’s play together (baseball)”, but Minwoo signed a contract, and I had signed a contract before, so I think there were some things that Minwoo was cautious about.

-Have you received congratulatory messages from other players?

Everyone received many congratulations, such as “Congratulations”, “You went through a lot of heartache, but it went well”, “I hope you will do better and show a good performance”.

-I think coach Kang In-kwon will be happy with Lee Jae-hak staying.

I contacted the director after signing the contract. He said, “Congratulations,” and said, “Let’s do well next year by leading our juniors well.”토토사이트

-I have achieved a free agent contract, but I think I have a new goal for a +1 year option, but it is

not guaranteed for several years with a long-term contract like other players. Rather than working harder because of options, I am thinking of helping the team in a good way by using it as a great motivation.

– How do you plan to prepare for next year’s season?

During the season, your command was a little shaken. I try to stabilize my pitching and supplement my technical skills. Personally, I think my pitch is better than before. There is a slight difference between when the ball is good and when it is shaking, so I am thinking about that part more and trying to catch it well.

– A word to NC fans

I had a lot of good memories in NC, and I am happy to continue to stand in front of the fans. There were times when I wasn’t satisfied, but I’ll try to find a good image and do better in the future. The club also said, “Please play baseball well and lead the juniors in a good direction.” I am also aware of that, so I will do my best with my juniors so that I can have a good influence on the team.