“If I get promoted, I want to have a meal with the fans” Kim Beom-yong’s earnest wish of Gyeongnam FC

March 16, 2023 0 Comments

It was a difficult year for Kim Beom-yong, who had a lot of experience in the J-League, such as Gyeongnam FC, Sanfrecce Hiroshima, and Montedeo Yamagata, who unfortunately had to turn around at the threshold of promotion last season. However, putting the past behind him, he is aiming for another promotion goal this season.

Kim Bum-yong played 22 K-League 2 games in the 2022 season. He played not only a central midfielder but also a fullback, enhancing manager Seol Ki-hyun’s tactical perfection.

However, for individual Kim Bum-yong, last season was particularly difficult. He recalled that his physical condition was not good because he could not digest his winter training with his teammates, and that last season was the most difficult season for the player.

This season, he took on the role of overcoming the ups and downs of last season and further promoting team unity. He participated in all three games played by Gyeongnam, and in addition to simply playing as a multiplayer, he is emphasizing the ‘one team’ by leading his juniors and colleagues with captain Woo Sung as vice-captain and senior player in the team.

Kim Bum-yong said, “I want to show a cohesive appearance as a team in which all players are united.”

The biggest change in Gyeongnam this season is their defense. Rather than the result of simply reducing the number of runs and leading to good results, the process itself of allowing shooting has changed. It stands out throughout the game that he tries to block the opportunity to shoot as much as possible by pressing the opponent hard.

The effect of Song Hong-min, a freshman this season, is also shining. Song Hong-min starts every game and plays full-time, and he is a reliable partner of Kim Bum-yong. Both players have a lot of activity, which is why Kim Beom-yong can be a little more aggressive than last season.

Kim Bum-yong said, “The time when the team came together was during winter training. All the players are competing in good faith, and I don’t feel like I’m going to lose no matter what team I meet.” In addition, (Lee) Kwang Seon-hyung and (Park) Jae-hwan are constantly giving call signs, and good results are continuing.”

Kim Bum-yong, while prioritizing team promotion, revealed one wish. It was his K-League debut goal. Kim Bum-yong, who started his professional career in Japan, returned to Korea in 2017, but has yet to score a goal on his professional debut. He has no thirst or greed for goals, but after scoring his debut goal, he expressed his dream to convey his feelings for his family. 메이저놀이터

With his debut goal, what he wants, of course, is promotion for Gyeongnam. Although there have been major changes in foreign players, Gyeongnam is still a strong candidate for promotion. Regarding this, Kim Bum-yong expressed his will for promotion, saying, “As Gyeongnam has been staying in the K-League 2 for a long time, fans are eagerly accepting the word of promotion.”

Then, he asked for fans’ support, saying, “I will do my best to prepare a place to express my gratitude to the fans who come from afar, so I hope you will always support them.” 

We could get a glimpse of his heart for the promotion and the fans in his expression that he would like to have a meal 

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