I was too greedy… Judge’s 62nd home run ball rejected by ‘4 billion won’ sold at 2 billion won

 The 62nd home run ball of Aaron Judge (New York Yankees), who has the most home runs in the ‘clean hitter’, has been sold. However, perhaps because he was too greedy, the price of the home run ball was not that high.

Aaron Judge made a new major league history by starting as right fielder and first hitter in the 2022 Major League Texas Rangers away match held at Globe Live Field in Arlington, Texas, USA on October 5 (hereinafter Korean time).

Judge, who was recording 61 homers at the time, turned the bat with all his might when Texas starter Jesús Tinoko’s 88.4-mile (approximately 142.2 km) slider on the third pitch hit the middle of the strike zone. And the ball that left Judge’s bat led to a preemptive solo home run that went over the left wall. 토토사이트

Judge, who hit his 62nd home run of the season, succeeded in surpassing the record for most home runs in a single season in the Yankees and American League, held by Roger Maris. And he ranked 7th for most home runs in a major league season. It was the moment when he reached the highest number of home runs among ‘clean hitters’ who had no cases of drug use. Youmans said, “I will see what value this ball has and who will buy it and see what it does.” And Youmans posted his 62nd home run ball on the American auction site ‘Goldin Auctions’. But maybe it was because I was too greedy? Judge’s 62nd home run was half of Youmans’ $3 million offer.

At this time, there was someone who caught Judge’s home run ball. Corey Youmans, vice president of Fisher Investments, which manages assets of 197 billion dollars (approximately 258 trillion won). After catching the home run ball at the time, Youmans rejected an offer to purchase the 62nd home run ball for $3 million (approximately 3.9 billion won).

Jersey’s No. 62 home run ball was the most expensive baseball ever sold at auction, the 70 home run ball hit by Mark McGwire in 1998, less than half of $3.05 million (about 3.9955 billion won), and $1.5 million (about 199 million won). 65 million won).

Meanwhile, Judge has played in 157 games as well as 62 homers this year, recording 177 hits, 131 RBIs, 133 points, 111 walks, a batting average of 0.311 OPS 1.111, and through his first FA (free agent) qualification, he won 360 million in 9 years with the Yankees. It succeeded in signing a ‘jackpot contract’ of 10,000 dollars (approximately 471.6 billion won).