‘I threw one game last year…’ Choi Hyun-il of the Dodgers, the start of the season will be delayed again this year

April 7, 2023 0 Comments

 Los Angeles Dodgers promising pitcher Choi Hyeon-il (23) will have a delayed start to the season.

In a phone call with Star News on the 6th (Korean time), Choi Hyun-il said, “I will remain in the minor league extension camp.”

A Dodgers official also met with Star News at the Dodgers Minor League Spring Camp in Glendale, Arizona, USA on the same day and said, “Today is a rest day for players participating in the minor league extension camp.” All the minor league players left to play the season.”

The extension camp is a camp for players who are in the lowest rank in the minor leagues, rookie leagues, whose season starts in June, and players who have difficulty starting a normal season due to injuries or rehabilitation.

A Dodgers official said, “I heard that Hyun-il Choi’s start this season will be delayed a little.” “he added.

Choi Hyun-il, who entered the United States in 2019, proved his potential by winning the Dodgers Minor League Pitcher of the Year Award after the 2021 season. However, last year, he suffered an elbow injury and unfortunately ended the season with only one appearance in Single-A. 먹튀검증

The Dodgers took care of Choi Hyun-il, who avoided surgery and successfully completed rehabilitation, to gain more experience last fall by including him on the roster of the Arizona Fall League (AFL), where only the best prospects in the minor leagues can participate.

The Dodgers’ management continued this year. Minor league spring camp usually starts around the end of February, but Choi Hyeon-il came to the U.S. early last January to prepare for the season. This shows how much the Dodgers care about him.

Choi Hyun-il said in an interview with Star News early last month, “I came to the United States in January and was throwing well, but recently I felt uncomfortable with my right arm and had to rehabilitate for the past two weeks.” It wasn’t. In the meantime, I finished the rehabilitation well,” he explained.

On that day, Choi Hyeon-il climbed the mound and threw a total of 15 balls, and was satisfied with his pitching, saying, “There was no pain or discomfort in my arm.” He said, “I think I’ll know which league I’m going to play in at the end of March or early April if I can digest my pitching schedule without getting sick. caused some setbacks.

Minor league teams under the Dodgers start the 2023 season on the 6th to 8th depending on the league.

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