“I knew how to hit 30%… I was arrogant” The 14 billion man’s desperate reflection

February 13, 2023 0 Comments

It is said that batting is a 30% art. He is rated as an outstanding hitter even if he only makes 3 out of 10 hits. It also means that hitting 30% is not easy. However, there was a hitter who was disappointed because he thought this 30% was too easy.

Perhaps Park Min-woo (30‧NC) was a player who could have had such thoughts. After making his debut in the first team in 2013, he recorded a batting average of 0.320 in 1038 first 토토사이트team career games. Among all second basemen in the KBO League who played more than 10 seasons and 1000 games, no hitter has a higher batting average than Park Min-woo. From 2015, it recorded more than 30% for 6 consecutive years, and the batting average recorded in 593 games for 5 years from 2016 to 2020 reached a whopping 0.343. He thought he was just hitting 30%. The fans did, and maybe the players did too.

However, carelessness quickly created a downward trend. He batted 0.261 in 50 games in 2021 and 0.267 in 104 games last year. He had an embarrassing drop in grades. Looking back, the reason Park Min-woo picked was very simple. He just said that he “was very lacking in all sorts of things”. It wasn’t one specific cause. The mindset was the problem.

Park Min-woo said, “There was a part where I was too complacent. That’s why I was overconfident. I had some cheeky thoughts like ‘I’m a little unprepared, and even if I’m not right, I can hit 30%.'” I did a lot of reflection.

At the moment of ‘Oops’, two years passed by. The year 2023, when everything starts normally, is a year in which Park Min-woo’s pride is at stake. He moves his body diligently in the great proposition of finding his own strengths. It is all the more so because he signed a large contract of up to 8 years and a total of 14 billion won before this season. In order not to be ashamed of himself, to pay back sorry to the fans, and to fulfill the responsibility of 14 billion won, he has to become more than a 30% hitter again.

Arizona camp is a perfect opportunity to change your mood. Park Min-woo said, “I came to the camp for the first time in three years, and the environment is so nice and it’s easy to exercise. I feel like I came back when I was a rookie.” situation,” he said. And he did not hide the pressure to show it in numbers and results. He promises himself that he must overcome.

Park Min-woo emphasized, “I came to the camp with the mindset and determination to raise my skills to the next level in all areas.” I think my second baseball life has begun. I will show a good image to many people.”

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