“I can’t even hear it”… Go Jin-young, who was ‘run into’ despite the bad conditions, heading to the Hall of Fame

March 26, 2023 0 Comments

“I think it’s better to brainwash yourself into thinking ‘I already did’ rather than thinking that I want to (join the Hall of Fame).”

Ko Jin-young (28) has 8 points left before joining the LPGA Tour Hall of Fame. She can enter the Hall of Fame only after accumulating 27 points. Currently, Ko Jin-young has 19 points, and she has 8 points left.

A condition for joining is that she must either win a major or rank first in at-bat average and be one of the Players of the Year. Ko Jin-young, who has already met this, only needs to add 8 points. She gets one point for winning a tournament, first in stroke average, Athlete of the Year, and an Olympic gold medal, and two points for winning a major.

If she gets her momentum back in 2021, she could meet all of her conditions this year. At that time, Jinyoung Ko achieved 5 wins. This is the year she recorded the most wins in a season since entering the LPGA Tour in 2018.

However, Ko Jin-young was unable to maintain her momentum at this time and left last year regretful. After taking two months off due to a wrist injury, he finished the season in disarray. In the meantime, Lydia Ko (New Zealand) and Nellie Corda (USA) took first and second place in the world rankings, while Ko Jin-young fell to fifth place.

However, Ko Jin-young did not stop. Towards his first place, he risked his pride and set out to prepare for the new season. She tied for 6th at the Honda LPGA Thailand, her first tournament of the year, and shed tears at the HSBC Women’s World Championship, defending her title and winning 14 victories in her career.

Now Jinyoung Ko is looking at the Hall of Fame. In order to succeed legends such as Pak Se-ri (46) and Park In-bi (35), she needs at least four wins. Ko Jin-young is not shaken even if the tournament is handed over to the mainland of the United States.

In the second round of the Drive-On Championship (total prize money of $1.75 million) held at Superstition Mountain Golf & Country Club (par 72) in Gold Canyon, Arizona, USA, he eliminated 7 birdies without a bogey and tied for 7th place with a median total of 9 under par 135 strokes. settled down 먹튀검증

In particular, the fairway landing rate was 85.71%, the green hit rate was 77.78%, and the overall sense of the game was outstanding with 25 putts. Even in the first round, the feeling of the shot was sharp enough to miss the fairway only once.

Despite his poor form, he came close to winning. Ko Jin-young said, “It’s separate from the game, but it was very difficult because I couldn’t speak much because my voice didn’t come out. I couldn’t talk much with the caddy. It would have been nice if we had more conversations when choosing a club.”

If you win this time, you will be a little closer to the Hall of Fame. Ko Jin-young said, “Even though I keep drinking warm water, my voice doesn’t come back quickly. I hope my throat gets better quickly so I can play comfortably from next week. I’m saving my energy as much as possible to use energy during the game.”

Ko Jin-young, tied for 7th, starts the third round with Annie Park (USA) on the first hole. It remains to be seen whether he will win two championships in a row.

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