Hwang In-soo, the strongest player in Korea, has deep concerns about entering the UFC

March 3, 2023 0 Comments

Road FC middleweight (-84kg) champion Hwang In-soo (29) has created a burdensome situation to try to enter the UFC, the world’s No. 1 mixed martial arts team.

On February 28 (Korean time), the UFC announced the holding of the Road to UFC 2023 season, an Asian prospect contest that gives the winner of each weight class the contract qualification.

The 2023 Road to UFC is divided into four categories: ▲ Flyweight (-57kg) ▲ Bantamweight (-61kg) ▲ Featherweight (-66kg) ▲ Lightweight (-70kg). same way as last year.

Road to UFC drew attention around the lightweight division where Anshul Jubli (India) and Jeka Saragi (Indonesia), fighters of the same age born in 1995, faced off in the finals카지노사이트. It served as an opportunity to prove the commercial viability of mixed martial arts in India, which has the world’s largest population, and Indonesia, which has the fourth largest market.

Thanks to the box office success, this season’s Road to UFC is expected to introduce a welterweight (-77kg) tournament. It is Hwang In-soo who has revealed that he can go down from middleweight to welterweight if he advances to a major tournament.

On February 25, after winning the 3rd round TKO victory in an unrestricted kickboxing match against Korea’s number one stand-up striker Myung Hyeon-man (38), he made it public saying, “I received an offer to participate in the Road to UFC and Contender Series.”

However, the creation of a new 2023 Road to UFC welterweight tournament was canceled. One-on-one matches are also held, but winning does not guarantee a UFC contract.

There were 5 Road to UFC one-matches last season, but only one was given the right to advance to the UFC. The fact that ‘victory = joining the big leagues’ is not promised is the same as the ‘Contender Series’, a prospect excavation competition hosted by UFC President Dana White (54, USA).

The 2023 Road to UFC kicks off on May 27th. If there was a welterweight tournament, Hwang In-soo would have less reason to hesitate about his championship challenge as he was given about three months to train while losing weight.

However, this year’s Road to UFC will be held without a welterweight tournament. There is no choice but to be reluctant to apply for participation while looking only at the one match.

If you convey the meaning of “I will compete in Road to UFC and Contender Series regardless of the road to UFC and contender series” with the idea that you will show your skills as a middleweight as in the domestic stage, the chances of the UFC rejecting it are low.

Attention is focused on whether Hwang In-soo, who is in his late 20s, will embark on a bold adventure to enter the UFC, or whether he will choose to remain in Korea to commercially use the title of ‘the best standing striker’ he won by defeating Myung Hyun-man.

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