Hot soft tennis, cheering from start to finish

May 5, 2023 0 Comments

Born in France in the 12th century, tennis is considered one of the ‘quietest’ sports. The crowd cheers or claps lightly only when the score comes out. It is not difficult to find the referee asking the spectators to be ‘quiet’. On the other hand, soft tennis, a ‘cousin’ born in Japan in the 19th century, is among the ‘noisiest’ sports. Jang Han-seop (executive director of the Korea Soft Tennis Association) of the NH Nonghyup Bank sports team, which has both tennis and soft tennis teams, said, “In soft tennis, except for the moment right before the serve, the stadium continues to reverberate with cheers.”토토사이트

Among the game tools, the ball is the most different. This is because it was not easy to obtain tennis balls in Japan from the beginning of soft tennis. Unlike tennis balls, which are covered with synthetic fibers, soft tennis balls are made of soft white rubber. So, the weight (30g) is half that of a tennis ball. The soft tennis racquet is smaller and lighter.

The game time is also short in soft tennis. In tennis, 6 games are gathered to form 1 set, and then the match is determined by the set score, but in soft tennis, the game is over when 4 games in singles and 5 games in doubles are won first. Unlike tennis, which shows scores in the order of love, 15, 30, 40, and games, in soft tennis, it is also different that points are displayed as 0 to 4 points.

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