Hosting 2023 FIKO in Daegu, presenting a Korean-style elite bodybuilding & fitness competition paradigm

May 13, 2023 0 Comments

The Daegu Metropolitan City Bodybuilding Association, which boasts the largest bodybuilding history and scale in the region, will hold a FIKO (Fitness Korea) competition to announce a new paradigm of Korean-style elite bodybuilding & fitness competition at the Indang Art Hall of Daegu Health University from 10:00 am on the 14th. revealed

With more than 400 elite players, judges, and executives participating in 5 events and 30 weight classes, it is the largest and grandest event in history. 2023 FIKO (Fitness Korea) opens a new fitness competition, which has become an essential course for young people who want to appeal to the explosive growth of social media and their charms.

It has been in the limelight as a hot topic among bodybuilding fitness players across the country by drastically improving the old game progress method and publicity and acceptance method, which was practiced by sports organizations, and with specialized benefits and bold publicity methods for participating players.

By May 10, search for Fitness Korea Daegu and apply for participation through the homepage, and a total of 30 million won in prize money, various awards, and trophies, medals, and certificates will be awarded to the winners.

The biggest feature of 2023FIKO (Fitness Korea) is to completely break the old practices of existing sports organizations and approach the 2030 generation in a new way. First, the application method and payment method are connected with a mobile one-touch, so that the application method, which had been limited to fax, e-mail, mail, and door-to-door, was converted into a mobile one-click service that allows payment (Naver Pay) to be made at once on mobile.

Second, it is a strong benefit that has been seen in any national competition for all players. Photos and videos are one of the important means of publicity in a situation where most of the participating players consider social media such as Instagram as the most important. In most other private competitions, players were paying additional options in addition to the high participation fee. However, in FIKO competitions, all these additional

costs are fully borne by the competition. For all participating players, individual stage pose photos are taken and sent (professional photography team), and moving videos and highlight photos are taken for all FIKO elite bikini athletes.

Thirdly, for the active recruitment of bikini fitness athletes, which are called the flower of the recent bodybuilding & fitness competition, and the participation of excellent athletes, various detailed events were operated and the nation’s highest level of prize money and prizes were offered. The event is held at the eye level of the players through the subdivision of the event into the Novice part, which is the first contestant or has no winning experience, the Masters part where the 40-50 generation mainly participates, and the elite part where professional players participate. In particular, the winner of the bikini fitness overall, which symbolizes the best female player in this competition, is given a staff mill of Matrix Corporation, aka ‘Stairway to Heaven’ worth over 13 million won, as a prize. For the first place in each weight class, generous support and injuries are prepared for the best athletes in the country to participate, such as a prize money of 1 million won in cash, free fitting of competition uniforms, expensive plastic surgery vouchers, and various awards.

In addition, makeup artists and hair designers are resident in the makeup room for all bikini players, and free makeup and hair are provided to the players on a one-on-one basis. For this, it even supports fitting experts for sportswear, and the athletes are proud to have the best bikini fitness competition operating system in the country.

Fourth, the main sponsors of the competition actively sponsor awards. In line with the size of the competition, sponsors also promise the highest level of support in the country, and the winner of the men’s weight class will receive training machine equipment from DREX and expensive taping gear from Armor Skin for the women’s sports model as prizes. We are promising overwhelming prize benefits for the students.

Fifth, the country’s top-notch stage directing and professional bodybuilding & fitness YouTuber commentators were invited to show dynamic matches, bringing a different kind of fun to bodybuilding & fans. Another feature of this tournament is the stage performance to highlight the players who have not been seen anywhere else before. In particular, in the appearance scene of athletes, the production of popular singers appearing on turntables, which was seen in large concerts, was incorporated into this FIKO competition, thorough preparations were completed so that participating athletes could show off their skills to the fullest on the best stage, and bodybuilding &Fitness critic, ‘Tpoi’ (real name Lee Jun-ho), who is enjoying the most popularity on YouTube, will be invited, along with a sportscaster (announcer), to

create another fun with professional analysis and commentary on the participating players. am.

Sixth, for a fair evaluation of this tournament, the best international referees in Korea are invited, and efforts are being made to ensure fair and accurate game results.먹튀검증

The bodybuilding & fitness competition is a game that is judged by the eyes, and it is a sport in which objections to the judgment of the referee for the competition are relatively frequent. Invited international referees from legendary athletes who symbolize the history of bodybuilding in Korea and the chairman of the Competition Improvement Committee who selects the athletes, so that the contestants had the honor of being judged by the best referees in Korea.

Director Park Ki-beom (Director of Sports Rehabilitation at Daegu Health University), who is in charge of general planning of FIKO (Fitness Korea), said, “FIKO discards the chronic old culture of competitions held by public sports organizations, We will present the most unconventional benefits, and present the best competition that players and fitness fans will be satisfied with at the same time with splendid stages and entertaining productions.”

Oh Seong-hyeon, president of Hyunseung Ki-gong, president of FIKO (Fitness Korea) and Daegu Bodybuilding Association, said, “It is because the bodybuilding competitions under the Daebohyup have not been able to respond quickly in the rapidly changing flow of the times, while only putting publicity first. It is true,” he said, expressing his aspirations, saying, “Through this competition, we will develop FIKO into the nation’s best bodybuilding & fitness competition brand and present a new paradigm for Korean-style elite bodybuilding competitions.”

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