Hong Jin-pyo, ‘Dr. Hong’ who returned to the billiards federation from the PBA, became the national team coach

March 10, 2023 0 Comments

Dr. Hong returns as Director Hong.

Hong Jin-pyo, who returned to the billiards federation from the PBA last year, became the national team coach.

According to the Korea Billiards Federation (President Park Bo-hwan) on the 9th, Hong Jin-pyo, who has a first-class instructor license, was recently appointed as the national coach for the World Team 3-Cushion Championships through an internal meeting of the Billiards Federation.

Accordingly, coach Hong Jin-pyo will be in charge of the Korean national team (Kim Haeng-jik and Heo Jeong-han) at the ‘2023 World Team 3-Cushion Championships’ to be held in Bearson, Germany from the 9th to the 12th.

After registering as a player in the Daejeon Billiards Federation in 2004, Hong Jin-pyo is a top player in Korea who won the ‘Zanka Safety Cup’ in 2016 and runner-up in the ‘LGU+Cup 3-Cushion Masters’ in 2017. He is known as a ‘studying billiards player’, especially as he is the No. 2 doctor in billiards. 온라인바카라

Hong Jin-pyo was active as an original member when the PBA was launched in 2019. The best PBA performance was the quarterfinals of the 5th tour (Welcome Savings Bank Cup) in the 20/21 season, and the following season, he contributed to the runner-up as a member of the Team League Blue One Angels.

Hong Jin-pyo later left the PBA and returned to the Billiards Federation in 2022.

At the time, the Korea Billiards Federation allowed PBA players to immediately act as federation players if they registered with the Billiards Federation by April 30 (2022). In addition, if you register past the deadline (April 30), you will be subject to a one-year sanction period.

Hong Jin-pyo registered with his parents, the Daejeon Billiards Federation, last May, and was unable to participate in the Billiards Federation competition during the sanctions period (one year).

Meanwhile, the Korean national team (head coach Hong Jin-pyo, Kim Haeng-jik, Heo Jeong-han) aims to win the World Team 3-Cushion Championship for the first time in five years following 2018.

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