Helix-Aramis weight, equalized…The real barrier is ‘table’

May 22, 2023 0 Comments

The weight of the Helix ball and the Aramis ball, the official PBA individual tour balls, were set to be the same. In addition, if there is no change, the Helix ball will continue to be used as an official ball after 2025. 

An official from the PBA match management who recently spoke with this magazine said, “Until the 21-22 season, there was a slight difference in the ball weight of Helix and Aramis, but it has become the same from this season.”

Currently, the PBA is using the official ball for individual tours as the Helix ball of Cosmos in Korea, and the official ball for the team league as the Aramis ball, which is commonly used by federations. As the existing Helix ball weighed 2-3g more than Aramis, players had different degrees of adaptation. He also revealed this in an interview. 

An official said, “It was true that the Bondi Helix was heavier at 212g, but with the new Aramis ball, the weight of the ball was measured at 210-210.5g. is currently the same,” he said. 

In addition, an official said, “There is a slight difference in material, but the Helix ball has a slight angle of separation when the players hit the ball. The Helix is ​​a glass coating method, so you would have felt that the ball was more attracted to that part. From the experience of playing in the first part tour, Helix I hit the ball consistently and hit the Aramis ball once or twice a month, but there is almost no difference in feel between the two balls now.” 스포츠토토

As a result, the key to practical performance has shifted to the cloth wrapped around the table. Currently, the PBA adopts Simonis and Gorina cloth as its official table cloth. 

A PBA official said, “Simonis cloth is a cloth that rolls less (balls),” and “The grid method and material of Simonas weaving wool are slightly different from Gorina, but the ball rolls less in this part.” 

Currently, table cloths for billiards are produced separately for clubs and tournaments. If the cloth for clubs is produced with 70% oil, the cloth for competitions is drastically reduced to 20-30%. In addition, since the fabric of the billiard table of the color option desired by the sponsor is different, this part is also reflected in the production. For example, Crown Haetae, which became a hot topic for its purple-colored table, made the cloth in advance one year before the start of the competition. 

The official said, “Players who alternate between team league and individual tour are much more advantageous in adapting to the table.” In reality, they adapt more quickly,” he said. 

In addition, regarding the future of the helix ball, he said, “Probably, if nothing else happens (2025), there is a possibility that it will continue to be used as an official ball.”

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