Heading to Cheonan after treatment at 6:00 am… This is why you have no choice but to “believe and wait”

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“How can I change that passion?”

On the 14th, Yu Gwan-sun Gymnasium in Cheonan. In the midst of men’s professional volleyball Hyundai Capital and Woori Card, there was a foreigner staring at the Woori Card court. Woori Card’s foreign player Riverman Agamez (registered name Agamez).

Agamez felt thigh pain during the game against KB Insurance on the 9th, and as a result of the examination, it was found that his adductor muscle was torn by about 8 cm.

It will take about 3-4 weeks before his return. He might have considered a replacement, but Shin said firmly, “There is no replacement. I will believe in Agamez and wait.” Among the alternative foreign players, there is no player like Agamez, and above all, Agamez’s passion played a role.

Most players, including foreign players, do not accompany away games when injured and focus on rehabilitation. However, as Agamez accompanied them all the way to Cheonan, he cheered and applauded the players from one side of the crowd and closely observed each player’s game.

The schedule was also tight. Agamez received treatment at 6:00 am and returned to Cheonan after completing weight training in the afternoon.

Agamez said, “Because it’s a team, we always have to travel together. I thought that we should come together unless it’s a really serious injury.”

On this day, Woori Card was defeated 1-3. In the midst of the game with only domestic players, they played a tight match, but gave up the game without getting over the last hurdle. He gave up 19 blocks to blunt attacks. More than anything, it was a pity that there was a clear shot in the position of the apositive spiker, and Agamez’s void was felt in the blocking.

Agamez did not hide his desire to return to the players’ struggle. Agamez said, “I feel much better now. I think I will be able to return to the court in about a week at the most.” 스포츠토토

Agamez continued, “I don’t want to experience this again. My biggest determination is to go back on the court and breathe with the players.”

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