Hana 1 Q challenging ‘the first consecutive win of the season’, but Kim Aena missed

February 4, 2023 0 Comments

 It is Hana 1 Q that takes on a winning streak challenge, but Kim A-na is absent.

Bucheon HanawonQ, aiming for a streak, will have a home game in the regular women’s professional basketball league between Yongin Samsung Life Insurance and Shinhan Bank SOL 2022-2023 at Bucheon Gymnasium on the 4th.

Hana 1 Q won 80-70 after an overtime match against Cheongju KB Stars, winning their third win of the season. Shin Ji-hyeon (22 points), Jeong Ye-rim (17 points), Kim Ye-jin (12 points, 15 rebounds) and Yang In-young (14 points) were the main players. Yang In-young overcame the sluggishness by raising an average of 13 points in the last 3 games. Hana 1 Q raised one concern.

If Hana 1 Q wins against Samsung Life Insurance, it can record the first consecutive win of the season. In addition, there is a memory of winning 66-56 in the 4th round Samsung Life Insurance. It is more meaningful because it was a victory achieved even though ace Shin Ji-hyeon left the line due to an injury in the second half. Can Hana 1Q defeat Samsung Life Insurance again?

Q. Is it a winning streak challenge?
I want to try it once, but (Kim) Anna couldn’t join the training in the morning because of enteritis. Anna has to play a backup role… What I emphasized to the players is to work hard rather than basketball. Even in the last KB match, our minds were united, so our passion and will were higher than our opponents, and our concentration was high메이저사이트 .

Q. Is there any physical burden?
two days off Currently, there is a limit to what you can run backups. I am worried that the physical part will be difficult. Still, you have to be strong.

Q. Your opponent Lee Hae-ran’s skills have improved?
(Lee) Haeran’s skills are stable. We need to block Haeran’s scoring and rebounding. (Kang) Yurim and (Shin) Dew should also block the 3-point shot. If you reduce the opponent’s score and reduce mistakes in the second half when it becomes difficult, you will be able to play a good game.

Q. Do you entrust the defense of Kang Yu-rim to Kim Ji-young?
it will start like that I will use the person-to-person defense, but if I can’t keep up, I plan to use the switch defense to solve it.

*Best 5
Hana One Q: Kim Ye-jin, Kim Ji-young, Shin Ji-hyeon, Yang In-young, and Jung Ye-rim
Samsung Life Insurance: Kang Yu-rim, Kim Dan-bi, Shin Dew-seul, Lee Hae-ran, Jo Soo-ah

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