Ha Seung-woo, who led the fight against injury → escaping from a losing streak, “Our fans’ voices were louder”

January 10, 2023 0 Comments

 Ha Seung-woo, who led KEPCO to escape from a dramatic 9-game losing streak, revealed his proud mind.

KEPCO won the Dodram 2022-2023 season Woori Card match held at Jangchung Gymnasium on the 10th with a set score of 3 to 2, ending its 9th consecutive loss.

Ha Seung-woo is currently suffering from thumb pain. Because he didn’t have all of his fractured bones attached. During the game that day, he suffered from being hit by a ball that bounced during the defense process.

Ha Seung-woo, who met after the match, smiled brightly, saying, “It’s okay because I won.” What is your current status?

“It hurts a lot when I get hit by my thumb during a set. ” 토토사이트

They overturned 10-13 at the end of the 5th set. Ha Seung-woo changed the atmosphere by capturing a decisive block against Na Kyung-bok, the main gun of Woori Card, and eventually led to victory. He smiled, saying, “I lost the previous two games in the same pattern. Before the 5th set, I said, ‘If we lose again today, we are all fools. Let’s not make the same mistake.’

“To be honest, I couldn’t block properly because I was afraid of the ball hitting my finger. I had a sprained ankle before, so I couldn’t jump well. But because I avoided blocking, it hurt the team.

Regarding Shim Seong-jin’s performance in the clutch, he explained, “I couldn’t believe it because I only gave it to Thais. Regarding the change of Thais, who has changed completely this season, he praised, saying, “I want the ball to stick toward me. If I just bring it close, I almost score.”

“Today, a lot of fans came, especially during the game, I felt that there were more of our fans. KEPCO’s cheering was louder. It really gave me a lot of strength. I’ll repay you with a good game.”

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