GSW’s last puzzle finally makes a comeback… Wiggins returns to OKC on the 5th

April 4, 2023 0 Comments

Wiggins will be back soon.

‘ESPN’ reported on the 4th (Korean time) about Andrew Wiggins of the Golden State Warriors.

Golden State, tied for 5th in the West, continues to compete fiercely for rankings. In a situation where the gap between the bottom and the bottom is not large, the result of the remaining matches determines whether the team goes straight to the playoffs or the play-in tournament.

It’s a breathless situation, but Golden State is currently unable to play with full power. Starting forward Andrew Wiggins has been absent since the game against Washington on February 14th.

It’s not that there’s a big problem with Wiggins’ physical condition. Wiggins was not playing due to family issues, not an injury. 

Wiggins, who had difficulty guessing the news of his return. Finally, the news that Golden State fans have been waiting for has arrived. It is reported that Wiggins’ return is imminent.

ESPN said, “Andrew Wiggins is getting closer to returning to the team. He looks set to return early this week.”

The unknown reason for Wiggins’ absence was also revealed. According to ‘The Athletic’, the reason Wiggins didn’t accompany the team for a while was because his father had serious health problems.

The Athletic reported that “Wiggins is scheduled to return against Oklahoma City on the 5th. The reason he hasn’t played since mid-February is that his father, Mitchell Wiggins, has serious health problems.”

Wiggins was playing an active role as one of the team’s key resources, averaging 17.1 points this season before leaving. His contributions in defense were significant, especially given his good physical condition.

Wiggins showed his presence in the playoffs last season and contributed to the team’s final victory. He played an indispensable role by marking the opponent’s ace. Wiggins’ return is expected to give a big boost to Golden State ahead of the big stage. 카지노

Coach Steve Kerr revealed in a recent interview that Wiggins is working out steadily, but there is a clear need to improve his game sense. Attention is focusing on how Wiggins will return to the team.

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