Golfzon, Hong Hyun-ji won the 3rd ‘Lotte Rental Lotte Rent-a-car GTOUR WOMEN’S’ competition…6 wins in total

March 27, 2023 0 Comments

In the 3rd round of ‘2023 Lotte Rental Lotte Rent-a-car GTOUR WOMEN’S’ held at Golfzon Joy Maru in Daejeon on the 26th, Hong Hyun-ji scored a final total of 21 under par (1st round 9 under par, 2nd round 12 under par) won the championship

According to GOLFZON on the 27th, Hyeonji Hong, who is solidifying her position as the strongest in ‘GTOUR WOMEN’S’, won again in this 3rd competition. Hyeonji Hong, who continued the match with flawless play, recorded 9 under par with consecutive birdies from holes 2 to 6 in the first round. In the final round, he reduced 12 strokes and recorded a final 21 under par with a no-bogey play, winning the championship.

Hong Hyun-ji, who recorded the top 3 in 13 of the 14 competitions that participated in GTOUR, has emerged as a major powerhouse by winning this competition and achieving 6 wins in GTOUR career.

Hong Hyun-ji said, “Unlike the last 2nd tournament, today I put my mind down and tried to focus only on playing, but I am happy to have a good result. I would like to thank Lotte Rent-a-Car and Golfzon for hosting the tournament, and I will do my best to show you better play in the future with the goal of winning the championship this season.”

Shim Ji-yeon, the winner of the 2nd tournament, started the first round with a birdie and boasted a sharper shot sense and soft tee shot. It was regrettable that he could not reduce his number of strokes significantly in the first round, but he cut 8 strokes in the final round and finished the game tied for ninth place and in the top ten with 12 under par. 토토사이트

Jeong Da-hyun, who finished second with a 16-under par, and Stella Kim, who finished third with a 14-under par, pursued the lead until the end and showed great plays that will be imprinted on many screen golf fans. In the 3rd tournament, 23 players, more than half of the players who advanced to the final round, recorded double-digit under par, showing that the GTOUR WOMEN’S player base has grown even more.

The 3rd ‘GTOUR WOMEN’S’ tournament, held with a total prize of 70 million won, was held in the Golf Zone Two Vision Pro Tour Mode at The Glen Club (OUT, IN) course. A total of 64 players, including seed holders, qualifiers, qualifiers and top 4 among rookies, and players recommended and invited by the Organizing Committee, participated and showed an eye-catching match.

The final 36-hole stroke play results were added to determine the winner. At the awards ceremony after the game, the winner was presented with a prize money of 15 million won, a red jacket symbolizing ‘GOTUR WOMEN’S’, and a trophy. The right to advance to the final round of the 2023 KLPGA Lotte Rent-A-Car Women’s Open, a privilege of this 3rd competition, went to Park Dan-yu.

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