GOLFZON ‘Global Golfer Fostering’ Project Started

December 12, 2022 0 Comments

“We will discover players with aspirations and qualifications, and at the same time, help players who dream of taking on world challenges develop their skills and practice to their heart’s content on the big stage.”

Youngchan Kim, chairman of the Golfzon Newdin Group, announced at the ‘2023 Golfzon Sponsorship Signing Ceremony’ held at the Korea Press Center on the 12th that he would become a tall man for players dreaming of a bigger stage. The signing ceremony was attended by Chairman Kim, Park Kang-soo and Choi Deok-hyeong, Golfzon CEOs, Sung Si-woo, Golfzon Lead Better Academy (GLA) coach, players, and their families.

Golfzon announced six promising players through the signing ceremony of sponsored players held on the day, and plans to actively support the overall activities so that players can stably digest domestic and international tours from next year.

Athlete sponsorship is divided into two categories. First, Kim Seung-min (23), Yoo Hyeon-jun (21), and Lee Woo-hyeon (20) are categorized as ‘American Professional Golf (PGA) candidates’ to help them focus only on training in the United States. They aim to advance to the PGA Tour by receiving various expenses such as lodging, training, and lessons from GLA located in Orlando, USA.

Kim Seung-min, who turned pro this year, was recognized for his potential by tying for 3rd in the Korea Professional Golf Association (KPGA) Korean Tour Woosung General Construction Open in August. In addition, Yoo Hyun-joon is a member of the national team in 2022, and Lee Woo-hyun is a member of the National Standing Army in 2022. 토토사이트

Seong Si-woo, head coach of Golfzon GLA, a golf player development agency, said, “I will make a winner within 5 years and guide him to become the world’s No. 1 among male players.”

Golfzon has been sponsoring players since 2017. Many players, such as Kim Seong-hyun, who entered the PGA Tour, and last year’s KPGA Korean Tour Rookie of the Year, Kim Dong-eun and Kim Han-byeol, have grown into top golfers with the sponsorship of Golfzon.

Three female players were selected in the ‘Junior Candidate Players’ group. Lee So-yoon (15), who is 176 cm tall, won the Gyeongbuk Provincial Governor and Association Jangbae Middle School Championship, and Dangela Chanel (14), whose father is Italian, swept Daejeon City Jangbae and Daejeon Association Jangbae Middle School this year. Kang Kang-jin (11) is also considered a promising player, recording many championships in the elementary school. CEO Deok-hyung Choi said, “Golfzon will take the lead in support and responsibility as a strong supporter that makes the dreams of talented golfers come true.” ), and we will actively support her to achieve her goal of advancing to the PGA and LPGA (American Women’s Professional Golf).”

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