Ginseng Corporation’s ‘new big man’ Spellman “It’s not my way to attack under the goal”

February 9, 2023 0 Comments

“Often people ask for under the goal, under the goal, under the goal. That’s not my way of playing.”

Omari Spellman, a foreign player of Anyang KGC Ginseng Corporation, a leading professional basketball player, presented himself as a ‘new type of big man’ armed with an outside shot.

Unlike the traditional big man, he showed pride in his style of play, attacking mainly with his outside shots.

Spellman recorded 26 points and 11 rebounds in the regular league home game against Wonju DB, a professional basketball team held at Anyang Gymnasium in Gyeonggi-do on the 토토사이트9th, leading the team to a 80-70 victory.

Spellman, who met with reporters after the match, said, “I face any player in front of me with my own way of playing.” .

As the saying goes, Spellman enjoys shooting mid-range shots and 3 points rather than scoring under the net.

He’s always in a shooting stance when he’s a little bit farther from the defense, and sometimes he’ll fire a shot from farther from the 3-point line without delay.

Spellman, who played in 40 games this season, threw 3 points per game, the second most after Goyang Carrot shooter Jeon Seong-hyun (9.6).

The success rate is also not bad at 36.4%.

“Traditionally, foreign players have an advantage in physique, so if a Korean player blocks it, they attack the bottom of the net. I admit it’s a clever way to do it,” Spellman said. “But I’m a player who plays a new type of basketball. So it’s important not to change.”

At the same time, he advised that every player should focus on ‘his own style’.

Referring to Kang Sang-jae of DB as a big man who focuses on the perimeter like himself, he said, “Kang Sang-jae is the perimeter, Seoul SK’s Jamil Warney, Ulsan Hyundai Mobis’s Gage Prim, and Jeonju KCC’s Ragunah knock under the goal.”

“Compared to them, I have shooting ability,” he added. “It’s best to focus on your own way.”

Director Kim Sang-shik also acknowledges the ripple effect of the ‘outside big man’ spellman.

Unlike other coaches who often order foreign players to attack the bottom of the goal with a fighting spirit, coach Kim is said to encourage spellmen to shoot.

Manager Kim said, “When big men shoot, the defense is pulled out and space is widened under the goal. It’s because there’s a lot of space on the court,” he said.

In fact, the team’s assault leader Byun Jun-hyung is the player who sees the most advantage of Spellman who prefers the outskirts.

Byun Jun-hyung is scoring 14.4 points in every game this season, the highest since his professional debut.

He said, “As Spellman attacks from the outskirts, it becomes easier for me to attack under the opponent’s goal. Spellman is taking the opponent’s foreign player out.”

At the same time, he said, “With Spellman’s condition now, I think I can win against anyone. All teams and matches are worth trying.”

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