From Mourinho’s favorite player to a traitor… Matic leaves Rome to join Rennes

August 15, 2023 0 Comments

AS Roma coach José Mourinho’s favorite pupil, Nemanja Matic, has suddenly left his side.

On the 15th (Korean time), French Ligue 1 club Staderen announced the signing of Matic. The transfer fee is not disclosed, but according to reports, it is 2 million euros (approximately 2.9 billion won).

Matic is famous for the player Mourinho recruits for every team he likes the most. Matic, who first met at Chelsea, later transferred to Manchester United and Roma, but each time coach Mourinho first moved the team and then took him from the new team.

He was such a reliable midfielder. Matic combines the power and mobility of a 194cm tall player. He is equipped with compliant technique, accurate passing, and even dribbling to drag and move forward if there is no place to give the ball. He was one of the midfielders who best suited Mourinho’s tactics.

He always gave his best in the game and his high concentration was also an important factor in Mourinho’s favor. He only played one season in Rome, and although he was a 34-year-old veteran at the time of his transfer to Rome, he captured the hearts of fans by playing 50 games, including cup competitions. Last season’s last game, the UEFA Europa League final, which Roma lost after a judging controversy, also burned the fighting spirit by playing until the last minute of extra time.

However, this summer, he did not communicate with the club and promoted the transfer of Rennes, embarrassing Roma and manager Mourinho. Rennes is known to have promised Matic a relatively long contract. Roma did not make a lot of money when Matic left, and as important forces left, they had to rush to find a replacement. Leandro Paredes of Paris Saint-Germain (PSG) is known to be the most influential.토토사이트

In the face of Ren’s transfer, Matic said, “I liked Ren’s project from the first time we talked. I know there are many talented players. I want to start quickly.” When Ren announced the signing, he expressed his expectation that “he is a tactically excellent midfielder who has mastered the tempo and rhythm of the game. As a humble but ambitious veteran, he will lead young players.”

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