From Han Ji-seung’s long hit explosion to Kim Byung-ho’s double electrode…’Q-Myeongjeonbu’

May 12, 2023 0 Comments

 Participants in Q School, such as Han Ji-seung (Welcome Savings Bank) and Eom Sang-pil (Blue One Resort), left splendid high-run records one after another. In particular, Han Ji-seung and Kim Byung-ho (Hana Card) were confirmed to remain on the first part tour.

From the 11th, the 2nd round of the 2023 PBA Tour Q-School (Q School) opened at the PBC Carom Club in Ilsan. From this day, 47 players who were demoted from the 1st tour, including champs such as Han Ji-seung, Eom Sang-pil, Kim Byeong-ho, and Seo Hyun-min, joined.

In the second round, the player who made the overwhelming record was Han Ji-seung. Han Ji-seung defeated Kim Jong-wan 40-37 in the round of 64 to advance to the round of 32. Prior to enlistment, he played more desperately. In the round of 32, Han Ji-seung, who met Hwang Ji-won, the “work glove of fear,” exploded 20 high runs, defeating the opponent 40-20 and confirming his stay in the 1st division. This is a rare record that can only be seen in the 40-point Q School on the PBA stage. 

The confrontation between the ‘leaders’ was a close match. Hana Card leader Kim Byeong-ho defeated Kim Jeong-ho in the round of 64 and met Um Sang-pil in the round of 32, winning a remarkable victory 40-38. As a result, Kim Byung-ho was also confirmed to remain in the first division. Eom Sang-pil scored 15 high runs, but an empty hit broke out in the second half. In the end, the game turned upside down and it became a regrettable situation where we had to see the results until the end. 메이저놀이터

Other players such as Seo Sam-il, Han Dong-woo, Park Jung-min, Lim Tae-soo, and Yoo Chang-seon took a breather by putting their names on the first division roster. 

On the other hand, Seo Hyun-min, who even won the team league MVP in the 21-22 season, faced a dangerous situation by losing to Hwang Ji-won 32-40 on the first day from the start.

On the 12th, when the second match of the second round is held, the match will be held from 10:00 am. During that time, there will be confrontations between Eom Sang-pil and Yoo Jun-seok, Kim Nam-soo and Lee Jung-ik, and Choi Jeong-ha and Seong Sang-eun.

Then, at 11:40 a.m., matches between Seo Hyun-min and Ma Won-hee, Roh Jong-hyun and Won Ho-soo, and Park Joon-young (A) and Lee Wan-se will be held. The winner of the Roh Jong-hyun-Won Ho-soo confrontation will face Koo Ja-bok starting at 4:40 p.m. The winner of the Park Joon-young (A)-Lee Wan-se confrontation will be with Hwang Ji-won. 

Starting at 1:20 p.m., Yoon Soon-jae and Shin Ki-woong, Kim Kyung-oh and Lee Gil-soo will face each other. 

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