Founding of the International Baduk Association… Academic establishment of baduk / purpose of creating an international research environment

February 18, 2023 0 Comments

The International Baduk Society held a founding ceremony and started full-scale activities.

According to the Korea Kiwon on the 18th, the founding ceremony of the International Baduk Association was held on the 17th attended by about 60 people바카라including officials from the Baduk world and members of the society.

Nam Chi-hyung, president of the International Baduk Association, said, “The way to inform more about Baduk and why Baduk is good is to have a theoretical basis. I came to create an academic society,” he said, explaining the reason for the establishment of the academic society.

The newly renovated International Baduk Society, inherited from the Korean Baduk Society, was established for the purpose of △academic establishment through interdisciplinary research and application of Baduk △promoting academic exchanges with world-class Baduk scholars and related organizations △creating an international research environment for Baduk. done.

Major activities include △academic research and research on the theory and practice of Baduk, △distribution of Baduk education and creation of an environment, △holding of academic research presentations and lectures, △publishing and distributing academic journals and other publications.

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