Football Association explains ‘Ahn Deok-soo trainer sniping’… “There was no qualification or official support.”

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During the 2022 Qatar World Cup, the Korea Football Association (KFA) opened its mouth to the ‘duty trainer conflict’ that took place inside the Korean men’s soccer team. It has been about a month since Son Heung-min’s (Tottenham) personal trainer Ahn Deok-soo posted a revealing post targeting the Football Association on his social media. The association judged that it was “not appropriate to respond head-on to the emotions poured out without clear reasons and explanations” by Mr. Ahn, but as the confusion surrounding the facts increased, “it was decided that it would be better to disclose the key details and come up with improvement measures now.” revealed the circumstances.

Looking at the long statement released on the association’s website on the 10th, there were two requests from the players to allow Ahn to work as a duty staff member of the association. When the recruitment announcement was made in November 2021, “If Mr. Ahn wants it, please formally apply,” but Mr. Ahn did not apply, and when a re-request came in in June 2022, “I did not formally apply. According to the revised National Sports Promotion Act (Choi Sook-hyeon Act), which took effect in February 2021, only those with licenses can work, so please check it,” the association explains.

In the end, Mr. Ahn accompanied Son Heung-min to the Qatar World Cup as a personal trainer regardless of the association. I directly booked the same hotel as the team, and the association did not subsidize the cost of lodging. The association said, “After internal discussion, if there are players other than Son Heung-min who want to be treated by three external trainers, including Ahn, they accepted. It is because there was no need to stop the players if they wanted to in the World Cup, where it was more important to raise the players’ physical condition to the highest level.” The association added that about 10 players received Ahn’s treatment during their stay.

The conflict erupted in earnest on November 22, two days before the first game against Uruguay. The association said, “Some players came to the head of the association’s national team and demanded that Mr. A, the official medical team leader of the association, be excluded from work and return home. It was the reason that Mr. A was a key figure opposing Mr. Ahn’s joining while protesting against not joining Mr. Ahn on the association’s mandatory staff.” The players are said to have suggested registering Ahn for other positions, such as in charge of equipment, or claimed that one of the association’s medical staff members was hired despite not having a license.

The association maintains that the allegations are unfounded. “Mr. A, the head of the medical team, has never opposed Mr. Ahn’s joining. The association did not hire Deok-soo Ahn because he did not apply in the first place and did not meet the qualification requirements,” he explained. Regarding Mr. B, a staff member who pointed out that the players did not have a license, he said, “I have been working for 14 years since 2008, and in 2020, when I signed a renewal contract for 2 years, it was before the current certification-related laws came into effect. Afterwards, I was notified that a license was required to renew the contract, and Mr. B obtained the license in December of last year.” 토토사이트

At the time, as the players’ requests and the support team’s opposition intensified, the association only stopped the treatment instead of returning the medical team leader, Mr. A, to Korea. The association said, “We decided that it would be better to prevent this in a situation where the medical team leader’s treatment action is psychologically stressful for both the person concerned and the players.” In addition, the association said, “Ahn delivered an opinion different from the opinion of the local doctor and association medical team, which came out after taking magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) at a local FIFA designated hospital, to a player who complained of pain, so the player was confused. there was,” he said.

While conveying the series of inside stories, the association said, “We know that Ahn has worked hard for the players and is trusted, but apart from his skills, it is inappropriate for Ahn, who is legally a non-medical person, to instill opposition to the judgment of the country’s top professional medical staff to the players. treatment,” he wrote. In addition, to the players, “the attitude of trying to fulfill the request without recognizing the legal recruitment process was not appropriate. It was also inconsiderate to make inappropriate comments towards medical staff and association staff, even if it was only a small part.”

“The Korea Football Association also had some shortcomings,” he said. In the future, the association said it would investigate cases of other advanced soccer countries and listen to professional advice from medical subcommittees and players’ opinions in order to prepare regulations for the establishment of relationships and cooperation between official medical staff and personal medical trainers. The policy is to establish the regulations by the beginning of March at the latest and apply them before the national team convocation.Earlier, on December 7, right after the national team returned home from the World Cup, Ahn Deok-soo posted on his social media account, “A lot happened at Room 2701 (the national team’s accommodation). If reporters contact us about why No. 2701 was created, we will be able to learn more about things beyond common sense beyond imagination.” You guys do what you have to do to the point where the heat doesn’t drain from your hands, so what? external treatment? Who is Ahn Sam? You don’t know me on the football field? So you guys are third-rate!” Currently, the post has been deleted.

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