Even though there are many lefties, Yoon Young-chul, including Jeon Hoon of the 1st group … No. 1 pitcher in high school, is he really competing for the 5th starting pitcher?

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 Yoon Young-cheol (19, Kia Tigers) was the only Kia rookie to be included in the camp roster.

In fact, Kia has many lefties who can replace Yoon Young-chul even if they don’t have to take him. Aside from great pitcher Yang Hyeon-jong, there are many good left-handers such as Eui-ri Lee, Ki-hoon Kim, Ji-min Choi, Jun-young Lee, and Dae-yu Kim. This is the part where you can read the expectations for him.

Yoon Young-cheol never failed to play baseball while attending Seodaemun Little – Chungam Middle School – Chungam High School. Yoon Young-cheol was a better baseball player than Lee Eui-ri, Kim Ki-hoon, and Choi Ji-min, purely in terms of his days. From his junior high school to his high school days, he made sure to win championships one after another.먹튀검증

Even in 2022, it was safe to say that the best pitcher in high school was Yoon Young-cheol. He also won the match against Kim Seo-hyun (19, Hanwha Eagles) in the Blue Dragon. He won most of the matches that came out. He led Chungam High School to two championships and one runner-up. There is a reason why Chungam High School, which has many excellent pitchers such as Go Woo-seok and Park Myung-hwan, raises its fingers, saying, “The best pitcher ever at Chungam High School in terms of high school is Yoon Young-cheol.”

An official from a club scout said, “In fact, I thought that Hanwha might not consider Yoon Young-chul. Seohyun Kim is also a good player, but it is because Yoon Youngchul is a really good player.” Both Lotte and NC have such good qualities that they regret that Yoon Young-chul did not come down. Of course, in the strongest baseball, he overwhelmed the legend seniors and received plenty of praise.

Yoon Young-chul has good deception and excellent control. He also has a good changeup and slider that he can use as a pro. He is tall, and his corner work to the left batter’s body is outstanding. Kim Min-seok, who won the Lee Young-min batting award, suffered three strikeouts, and the pitcher who suffered the most was Yoon Young-cheol. Above all, he knows how to relax and throw so many innings since he was in middle school. He never gets nervous in any game. He served as a representative for most of the age groups, including the Voice Representative, U-15 Representative, and U-18 Representative.

There is only one key. it’s a guwi The most difficult thing for rookies after entering the pros is the narrow strike zone and the power of hitters who hit the ball far. There are also opinions that it is not easy to achieve good results even if the control is good with the current pitch. Another club official said, “Yoon Young-cheol is a player who must be selected. He also expressed his personal opinion, saying, “If he fails to grow as a starter, he will become ambiguous.”

Recently, pros judge control and breaking ball ability as one of the most important stats. Kia, Lotte, and Samsung also began to prioritize those types of pitchers. It is because I know how hard it is to catch the ball in the pro. Relatively much easier to apply force is a recent pro trend. There are many cases where the restraint has increased in the pros, such as Choi Seung-yong (Doosan) and Oh Won-seok (SSG).

In the last 2023 rookie draft, Kia was unable to exercise the second round nomination. That’s why Yoon Young-chul is holding the success or failure of this draft. Even if Yun Young-cheol can join the 5th starting competition, Kia is expected to reign as a real left-handed kingdom, not just words.

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