Durant and Irving “The new manager is different”… Nash leaves and Brooklyn ‘win and win’

After the manager changed, it became a different team.

Early in the season, the Brooklyn Nets were full of negativity. Kyrie Irving was banned from playing due to anti-Semitic ideology, and Kevin Durant was embroiled in controversy over abuse. Coming back from injury, Ben Simmons isn’t as competitive as he used to be.

In fact, since the offseason last summer, Brooklyn’s team has been greatly shaken. Durant and Irving requested a trade from owner Cho Tsai. Here, Durant went one step further and demanded the sacking of coach Stephen Nash and general manager Sean Marks.

Brooklyn, who won 2-5 in the first 7 games of the season, pulled out the knife. The firing of the Nash coach.

It’s not just the performance this season. They were knocked out in the second round of the playoffs two years ago, and helplessly fell in the first round of the playoffs last season. There was no particular tactical change, and many fans criticized the basketball for relying only on the main players.

Coach Jacques Bonn was appointed as the official head coach after serving as interim head coach. After the sacking of Nash, Brooklyn went 15-7. It rose from the bottom of the Eastern Conference to 4th at once.

Players pass the ball to the coach. Durant said, “Coach Vaughn is really good at adjusting the game. “Director Vaughn set us up to motivate us to work hard,” Irving said. 안전놀이터

Simmons said, “Coach Vaughn trusts us a lot. He strikes a good balance between freedom and responsibility for the players,” and Nick Claxton said, “Coach Vaughn has a big impact on our team’s recent success. He is our mindset. He did an amazing job of changing the game. Now we’re really having fun playing basketball.”

The reactions of local fans in Brooklyn are also favorable. If things go on like this, there are even rumors that coach Bonn could be the first coach of the year in the history of the Brooklyn club.