Tourism plays an important role in the country’s economy,  and from adventure, wildlife,  pilgrimage, trekking to holiday destinations, there are plenty of choices in Nepal for internal tourists. COVID-19 has directly influenced the hospitality industry (restaurants, hotels, travel agencies, etc.). This is because this sector includes the huge involvement of people and is not preferred during this situation.

Due to this COVID-19 people have been getting into a new lifestyle where they focus on maintaining social distance. The restriction with lockdown and social distancing across the world has made domestic tourism play a significant role in recreating the economics of the individual countries.

Many countries are looking after when they get to open the tourism sector so that travelers can move freely. Many hotels that were restricted can capture domestic business easily. Lots of people during lockdown have planned to travel can go through it.

For the growth of domestic tourism, we can give people attractive discounts, free admission charge, good cooperation and facilities as required. We should manage the environment according to conditions so that visitors can feel secure and enjoy their vacation without a worry in a peaceful way. There are lots of youths who want to stress out from this. So, for this, we must encourage them. is looking to help secure demand and deliver customers in the long term recovery of travel. The platform continues to evolve the support it provides in an effort to rebuild domestic travel with the help of its tool to search for experience updates, digital demand generation, and more.

Strategies to attract domestic tourists in Nepal

As to attract the local/domestic tourist in Nepal, the tourism sector must highly focus on the new destinations that are not highlighted and have a high chance of attractions. Rara, Surkhet, and Jumla in the past years have developed as attractive tourist destinations and have also attracted investment from tourism entrepreneurs.

Hotels in rural places must upscale the infrastructures and try to provide the best facilities which can encourage domestic tourists. The government must prioritize the safety and security of tourists by introducing provisions of health management in rural areas.

Kathmandu, Chitwan, Pokhara, Lumbini, Annapurna Circuit, Everest Base Camp, Mustang among others are popular destinations among both international and domestic travelers. But, focusing on the impact of the COVID -19, the local level organizer should stand out and share their strategies.  For instance, locals from Biratnagar can visit nearby areas like Illam, Dhankuta, and Dharan.