Disclosure and clarification of the ‘2701 Controversy’…let’s aim for improvement

January 11, 2023 0 Comments

The day we lost to Brazil, the world’s No.

Trainer Ahn Deok-soo (personal trainer Son Heung-min), who unofficially treated several players in Qatar, posted a revealing article criticizing the Korea Football Association on the 6th of last month, saying, “A lot happened at the national team hotel room 2701.” this happened

one month after that. The Korea Football Association released a statement on the 10th after an investigation of support staff who had been to Qatar.

According to this, some players asked for Ahn to work as an official duty staff member of the association, but Ahn explained that he refused because he did not have a license recognized by the association and did not even officially apply.

He also confessed that there was confusion as the national team doctor and trainer Ahn gave different opinions about a player who complained of pain before or after the game.

Some players came two days before the game against Uruguay (November 24) and claimed that they made inappropriate remarks to the medical staff and the association staff, demanding to ‘exclude the association medical team leader (who is in conflict with Mr. Ahn) from work and return to Korea’. . He also said that he asked to be hired for another position, but he did not accept it because it was illegal.

The revealing article caused a stir, and as an explanation for it came out, we faced another phase. It is also true that the association failed to come up with a reasonable alternative to the players’ accumulated complaints and demands. Some players are not entirely free from responsibility. Everyone has a responsibility.바카라

The problem cannot be solved by covering it up as the association said. As the controversy has grown, it may be necessary to cover the right or wrong, but if exposure, clarification, and another refutation continue, it will only eat away at the impression of the 16th lecture.

Finding a fundamental improvement plan is a more reasonable path. In order to do so, it is necessary to fix what has emerged as an obvious task. The obvious task revealed by this incident is that as the level of players has increased, it is necessary to establish a mandatory support system suitable for it. If the satisfaction of the mandatory support provided by the national team was high, players would not expect more from personal trainers.

Each of us has a lot to say, but since we both recognized the problem, now is the time to seek a goal for improvement.

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