Director Lee Kang-cheol’s smoke screen operation? australia start-up

February 13, 2023 0 Comments

 It’s a strange thing. A media report a few days ago. I conveyed the busy sympathy of national team coach Lee Kang-cheol. A month before the WBC, I am looking back at several team camps. It is a task to check the condition of the players.

In the meantime, some interesting news has been included. It happened at the Dinos training ground in Tucson, Arizona. Lee Yong-chan and director Lee met at a restaurant. A brief Q&A was exchanged here. It’s simple, but it contains sensitive issues. The question was, “Is it possible to be selected for the match against Australia?” A cross check was also performed. The director also admitted this. When he asked for fact-checking, he said, “I asked you once.”

It’s a strange thing. Of the 30 members of the national team, 15 are pitchers. Of these, 10 are selected resources. As you know, Lee Yong-chan is in charge of finishing in the team. By the way, he was considered the first game starter. Since then, he is known to have thrown 70 pitches from the bullpen토토사이트. There was an explanation from the person himself, “Originally, at this time of year, I throw that much and raise the pace.” Still, the curiosity grows.

There are aspects that are understandable. This is a point that director Lee emphasized a long time ago. “Australian hitters are weak against breaking balls. You need the ability to induce ground balls.” Then Lee Yong-chan’s forkball (splitter) is perfect. that’s the logic

Of course, there is nothing wrong with that. I also have experience as a starter in the past. But the process is ambiguous. if real. Is there a need to create a situation that will be known to the media? It is such a doubt.

The importance of the first match (March 9, 12 noon) against Australia is obvious. Absolute for passing the qualifying round. It is to the extent that coach Lee personally visits and analyzes the power. There is no way to treat such a preparedness strategy lightly. No matter how weak the concept of position is due to the limited number of pitches (65 in the preliminaries). It is clear that the starting pitcher is a first-class security. It is not circulated in the media without any control.

First of all, the party was negative (about the starting input). It is an unfamiliar response. Regardless of the number of pitches, I had trouble concentrating. I gave that answer to the director.

The pitching department is a part that I paid attention to from the start. I focused on the ground ball induction type. In a short game, you have to be careful about long hits. To contain it, you need a forkball (splitter), changeup, or two-seam. Even more so when considering the infield lineup. Tommy Edman (2nd base) – Kim Ha-seong (shortstop) – Choi Jeong (3rd base) are stable enough.

Coach Lee is confident that he “picked a lot of pitchers with good breaking pitches.” In addition to Lee Yong-chan, Kim Won-joong plays a forkball. There are also sharp-moving two-seamers. So Joon So and Wooyoung Jung.

Jung Woo-young has a ground ball ratio of 4.76. He’s four times above the league average (1.07). However, it is difficult for him to leave long innings. Among the starters, Koh Young-pyo (1.86) ranks first. Besides his changeup, he has a kaleidoscope of pitches. The home run per 9 innings allowed is also stable at 0.35. Even at the Olympics two years ago, he fought well as a starter against Japan (5 innings, 2 runs).

Leaving these timbers aside, it is Lee Yong-chan. It doesn’t mean he’s inappropriate. He did not dare to crack down on the bullpen pitcher and outside leaks. The intention of the parties was asked. Moreover, he readily admitted to the verification work. He used the expression “Non-Ji-shi”, but it is reported that he replied with a smile.

Based on this, one guess can be made. It’s something that confuses opponents. It is a commonly referred to as smoke screen operation.

Australia is no different from our situation. The first match, the Korean match, is devoted to all efforts. You can’t help but be sensitive to even the smallest information. You’ve already guessed to some degree. It’s roughly like predicting which pitcher will come out. I will probably choose a pitcher with a breaking ball. Such a sight is obvious.

Still, you need to be strategic. This is because the style is different even if the style is similar. There is no reason to be sure. Better to leave some space. Information warfare and psychological warfare must be fully mobilized. It’s such an intense game.

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