Director Jo Sang-hyun of ‘The Cliff’ “I won’t tolerate it if you break teamwork”

April 18, 2023 0 Comments

 “We will not tolerate behavior that breaks teamwork.” It was the mark of director Cho Sang-hyun, who was driven to the edge of a cliff.

Changwon LG, led by coach Cho Sang-hyun, will hold the 2022-2023 SKT A-Dot Pro Basketball Quarterfinal Playoff Game 3 against Seoul SK at the Jamsil Student Gymnasium on the 18th.

LG lost both the first and second games at home and is in danger of being eliminated. SK won all 3 away games in the regular league, but it’s just the past. It is a fight that is put on the edge of a cliff and the coaching staff and players are under a lot of pressure.

Director Jo Sang-hyun said, “There were only simple changes in the strategic part. He said he would do it without regret. No matter what the outcome is, not only the players but even one coach should not have any regrets. He asked me to play for the fans,” he said. Coach Cho Sang-hyun also gave his opinion on the situation in which Lee Kwan-hee and Reggie Perry, who came out in the second game, did not pass each other. There were only simple changes in the strategic part of

the game preparation .
I said I would do it with no regrets. No matter what the outcome is, not only the players but even one coach should not have any regrets. He asked to run for the fans. 메이저놀이터

Lee Kwan-hee and Perry issue
Personally, I didn’t pay much attention. A lot happens over the course of a season. Both have a lot of passion. It was not clear who hit the ball, but it was sorted out this morning. It’s something that can happen over the course of a season. Of course, he emphasized that if it is prolonged, there may be problems with teamwork.

ferry adaptability
It is not easy to match (breathing) in a short period of time because it tends to attack with the ball. It has been about a week since I joined the team. Apparently, his rebound is inferior to Asem Marey. It is not allowed to go over the dribble and shoot straight away. Because I can’t rebound, I refrained from that part. Depending on the team option, it’s okay to go 1v1 after attempting a pick game.

A situation that I hope not to come out
The problem between (Lee) Kwan-hee and Perry should not be prolonged. There may be differences of opinion, but behavior that breaks teamwork will not be tolerated. If so, I plan to take action.

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