Today, the Internet has connected the global world digitally. The rapid growth in digital technologies has reshaped the way any business is done. Access to the internet, emergence of social media and usage of online tools and technologies has changed the way of business and will continue to do so in much rapid and accelerating ways. Nepal was first introduced to the Internet in 1993 and around 75% of the population
has access to the internet now. Digital transformation of the businesses has already been started by many companies in Nepal under different industries. While some companies in Nepal are doing businesses in coordination with international IT Business solution providers and online B2B platforms, some are running their business through websites & social media (facebook, instagram); there are businesses yet to be introduced to the digital world.

Also, many of those who are introduced to different online business platforms do not have sufficient knowledge to make use of
those platforms to grow their business to the best. Among the businesses in Nepal that are connected to online platforms, there are many business whose contents are outdated and are not regularly monitored, which has negative impact on their businesses in regards to customers as well as reputation in business market. Digital transformation is a new way of doing businesses, indeed a journey to succeed
a business with high value experience through optimization of operations, engaged customers, intelligent analytics, increased work efficiency, boosted sales & revenues, and many more. As such, organizations and businesses should be ready to adapt
themselves to a level where digital transformation becomes a new way of doing business. And, it is no doubt that the businesses in Nepal is in need of sustainable online business solution to grow their business through digital transformation in global scale.

Transform Your Business Digitally With Entire Business Solutions

The primary motive of Entire Business Solutions is to help a business to grow in global market through digital transformation. We believe that digital transformation is the future for any business to increase its sales and revenue to the best by optimum
utilization of available technology and resources.