Didn’t play a minute?…Juventus, “Pogba is an important player!”

February 8, 2023 0 Comments

Juventus are counting on Paul Pogba, who has not played a game.

On the 8th (Korean time), transfer market expert Fabricio Romano reported on his social media account that Juventus general manager Francesco Calvo mentioned Pogba. “We have no plans to terminate our contract with Pogba,” Calvo said. “We definitely deny those rumors.”

Calvo added: “Pogba is an important player for us. Injuries are just part of football. Pogba is training well and we are waiting for his return.”

Pogba joined Juventus from Manchester United at안전놀이터 the end of the season. A graduate of the Manchester United youth academy, he moved to Juventus in 2012 to get more opportunities to play, and has since grown into a world-class player. As a result, Man Utd pushed for Pogba’s re-entry and succeeded in embracing him again after four years.

However, his performances at Manchester United have been disappointing. His frequent injuries and controversies overlapped, and he performed below expectations. Eventually, Pogba and Manchester United ended their partnership. It is known that the club wanted to renew the contract, but Pogba rejected it. In the process, the image of Pogba criticizing Manchester United was revealed and further criticism was received.

Pogba’s destination was Juventus. Pogba, who will once again play for Juventus without a transfer fee, has signed a contract until the summer of 2026. His number 10 shirt, which he wore during his first years at Juventus, was also re-assigned. However, he has yet to make his second official comeback. The reason is his knee injury.

After a long hiatus, Pogba was named on the 20th round replacement list of Italian Serie A between Juventus and Monza on the 29th of last month. However, coach Allegri did not put Pogba in too much in a messy situation in which only two runs were allowed in the first half. And after that, the news of Pogba’s additional injury was announced, and his return was postponed.

This has led to claims that Juventus’ patience has exploded. There were rumors that he was contemplating ways to end his contract with Pogba and walk different paths. However, according to Calvo, the rumor ended as it was revealed that the Juventus club had no intention of doing so.

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