The distribution system of rooms in the hospitality industry has vast and complex for several reasons. First, because it concerns a worldwide market and secondly because of the multiplicity of entities related to the hotel distribution system. Hotel Distribution System is a business-to-business system used by companies to stay on top of real-time data about the availability of travel arrangements, such as hotel rooms, to sell them to customers planning to travel.

The perfect product for the hotel business includes the following services:

  1. Channel manager: It manages price, inventory, and booking across all online channels. It is one
    of the platforms to manage all your travel agency’s inventory and pricing in real-time.
  2. Booking Engine: It drives direct booking through your hotel’s website. It is a bespoke tool created in the image of your hotel/property, built
    for easy booking.
  3. Property Management System: It is a single platform for managing your hotel reservation and operations. It controlled room availability, distribution to OTA’s, and connect to all major GDS Channels.
  4. Revenue Management System: It maximizes revenue by applying revenue management principles in
    easy to use manner and also pricing intelligently.
  5. Rate Shopper: It gets the edge over your competition. Therefore, increases your market competitiveness by
    closely tracking your competition with insights.
  6. Hotel Exchange: It discovers and establishes contracts between hotels and travel agents, operators, corporates reservations, fully automated, increases efficiency, and manages inventory.
  7. Vacation Rental Software: It is a unified solution that handles all vacation rental properties.
  8. Contact less Check-In:
  • It ensures safe and delightful experiences with XPerium contact less.
  • It does not require an app or kiosk.
  • It is a digital registration and health declaration.
  • It provides room service upgrades with self-check-in.
  • It integrated payment solutions.
  • It is customized feedback and survey also a self-checkout.
  • It is hotel request management with mobile concierge.
It is worth noting that with the growth of online tourism in the world, distribution channels are less recognizable as all are linked to different levels and in different ways. But, the trend today of the full adoption of the Internet – supply and demand want to be related directly.

What are you paying for?

  • secure online payments
  • money-bank guarantee
  • no hidden costs
  • only pay for what you select


  • Increased Access to Travel Agents for More Bookings
  • Bundling Options for Other Travel Needs
  •  More Efficient Booking Process
  • Less Expensive than Marketing
  • Integration with Property-Management Systems