‘Clippers Emergency’ John Wall misses at least two weeks with abdominal injury

January 16, 2023 0 Comments

The Los Angeles Clippers have not been able to maintain their proper form this season.

According to ESPN reporter Ohm Young Mi-seok, the Clippers’ John Wall (guard, 191cm, 95kg) will be absent for the time being.

Wall, who has a bad stomach, has been ruled out for at least two weeks due to the injury. He will be re-examined in two weeks, and depending on the test results, it is expected that whether he will return later will be decided.

Wall’s injury made it difficult for the Clippers to maintain their backcourt power. While Paul George, who is already the main shooter, is out for a long time due to injury, Luke Kennard has also been confirmed to be out this weekend. It is not easy to operate guards because of poor thighs. 슬롯사이트

There may not be a large gap because there are many swingers and forwards, but as George’s absence continues, Kennard is also missing, making it difficult to maintain the lead. Above all, as John Wall, the only backup point guard, was confirmed to be absent, the red light was turned on to maintain overall power. Considering that the point guard is already vulnerable, it is painful in many ways that Wall’s injury was added to the existing power departure.

Wall has appeared in 34 games this season before his injury. He recorded 11.4 points (.408 .303 .681), 2.7 rebounds and 5.2 assists in 22.2 minutes per game. He is starting from the bench for the first time in his career after advancing to the NBA, so his performance is somewhat inconsistent, but he has done his job as a backup guard. Considering that there are many things that can be contributed in operation, it is expected that the aftermath of his power exclusion will not be small.

He wore a Clippers uniform last offseason. He didn’t play for the Houston Rockets, which went through a major rebuild last season, and ended his contract with Houston last summer. After coming out of the transfer market, he headed to Hollywood. He signed a two-year, $13 million contract. Under a contract with no options or guarantees, he will play for the Clippers until next season.

He then receives about $40.87 million from Houston. This is because the previously signed contract (4 years, 170 million dollars) expires at the end of this season. This season’s salary, set by the original contract, is over $47.4 million. However, during the contract termination process, both sides agreed to leave out $6.5 million, allowing Wall to become a free agent.

Meanwhile, the Clippers are maintaining a 50% win rate with 22 wins and 22 losses so far this season. The Clippers, which are in 8th place in the Western Conference, were evaluated as favorites for the championship without fail. This is because he has an outstanding one-two punch and a strong player base. However, Kawhi Leonard and George, who are one-two punchers, are often absent, so they are not using their strength contrary to expectations.

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