CJ Super Race ‘Opening Match’ attracted 12,317 spectators

April 23, 2023 0 Comments

It was found that 12,317 spectators flocked to the opening of the ‘2023 CJ Logistics Super Race Championship’, the largest motor sports competition in Korea held at Everland Speedway in Yongin, Gyeonggi-do on the 22nd.

In the Super 6000 class, the top class of the competition, Kim Jae-hyeon (Nexen-Bolgas Motorsport) challenged to win the overall championship. Last year, they unfortunately missed the overall championship by one point, but this year, they burst into champagne from the opening game.

At the start of the race, Kim Jae-hyeon took advantage of the chaotic situation caused by an accident, and from the first lap he overtook Lee Chang-wook (Ecsta Racing) and Lee Chan-jun (Ecsta Racing) to take the lead, started a solo run, and was the first to receive the checker flag. Following Kim Jae-hyeon, Lee Chang-wook and Chung Eui-chul (Nexen-Volgas Motorsport) climbed the podium. 먹튀검증

Kim Jae-hyun was also the main character of the ‘CJ Logistics Fastest Lap Award’, which is awarded to the player with the fastest lap time in each round. On the third lap, he recorded a best lap of 1:55:090, earning him one extra driver’s point.

But the results were reversed. After the race, second place Lee Chang-wook’s team, Ecsta Racing, submitted an official complaint against Kim Jae-hyun to the judges’ office, and the protest was accepted late at night on the 22nd. Kim Jae-hyun was penalized 5 seconds for a pushing foul while driving, and the ranking in the first round went down to second place, and Lee Chang-wook was recorded as the winner of the opening match.

The second round of the 2023 season CJ Logistics Super Race Championship will be held at Everland Speedway in Yongin on the 23rd.

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