‘Chinese New Year’ This year, ignorant PL clubs, clubs with Koreans were no exception

January 23, 2023 0 Comments

Happy Chinese New Year Posted by Premier League clubs New Year’s Day, the

nation’s biggest holiday and January 1st of the lunar calendar. In fact, this day is not only considered special in Korea, but is considered a very special holiday in a total of 12 Asian countries, including Vietnam, Singapore, Mongolia and Taiwan.

However, New Year’s Day is a very unfamiliar concept to Westerners. For this reason, many Westerners often refer to the holiday as ‘Chinese New Year’. This can be confirmed by just looking at the congratulatory messages from the English Premier League (PL) clubs, the world’s best soccer league. 토토사이트

Wolverhampton Wanderers (hereinafter referred to as Wolves), which has Korean players, was no exception. Wolves, which Seol Ki-hyun played in the past, is currently showing active Korean marketing with Hwang Hee-chan at the fore. On the day of the holiday, they uploaded a video celebrating the Lunar New Year through the club’s official Facebook page, and the short video ended with team captain Hubeng Neves saying “Happy Chinese New Year” in the video.

In addition, 6 out of 20 PL clubs posted congratulatory posts on ‘Chinese New Year’ on their official Facebook page. In particular, Manchester City and Arsenal, which are very popular in Korea, even uploaded videos congratulating the Chinese New Year in Chinese and Chinese characters. In addition to the clubs mentioned above, Fulham, Nottingham Forest, Crystal Palace, and even Celtic (Scotland), which has a lot to do with Korean players, have posted congratulatory posts on the Chinese New Year.  

A professional team is an organization that is formed and operated for commercial purposes. It is also clear that China occupies a very large share of the Asian market. However, if it is a commercial activity pursued in a state of lack of respect for other countries, there is a clear need to question its direction.

It seems that domestic soccer fans also need to raise their voices with a question once in a while, rather than dismissing this phenomenon as simple ignorance and overlooking it.        

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