‘Captain Tsubasa’ writer’s dream as a club owner “Current 5th division team up to J3”

February 7, 2023 0 Comments

“Sometimes it’s more fun than drawing manga, but it’s difficult.”

Yoichi Takahashi (62), the author of the famous Japanese soccer manga ‘Captain Tsubasa’, expressed his desire to raise the club he owns to the third division of the J-League (J3).

AFP said on the 6th, “The Japanese cartoon ‘Captain Tsubasa’ is a comic that has inspired countless soccer stars around the world, including Lionel Messi (Paris Saint-Germain).” I set a goal to let go,” he said.

Takahashi’s ‘Captain Tsubasa’ is a manga that began serialization in 1981 and has since become a worldwide hit in animation, movies, and video games. World-class soccer stars also토토사이트 grew their dreams while watching his cartoons.

AFP reported, “Takahashi will soon finish the ‘Captain Tsubasa’ series (which he draws) and prepare to focus on other passions.” . Takahashi took over Tokiwa Soccer Club starting in 1983. In 2013, the name of the team he took over was changed to Nankatsu SC, the name of the fictional school that appeared in ‘Captain Tsubasa’, and the uniforms remained the same as in the manga.

Nankatsu SC, which is based in Katsushika, Tokyo, Japan, is currently a 5th division team, but now the J-League (professional) level dreams of leaping to the 3rd division in earnest.

Takahashi said, “I don’t mean to completely stop being creative. I want to do something new in my own way.” To this end, they recruited Junichi Inamoto (43), Yasuyuki Konno (40), Masahiko Inoha (37), and Kunimitsu Sekiguchi (37) from the Japanese national soccer team last year.

Takahashi said, “Sometimes it’s fun, but sometimes it’s difficult. Manga can be drawn in a room. As the club owner, I have to meet a lot of people and make plans.” Takahashi said that his goal is to focus on the essence of clubs beyond league standings. “It is natural to support local clubs in Europe, but there is no such culture in Japan. There were no local clubs, so I wanted to make my own,” he explained.

The condition for promotion to the J-League 3rd division is securing a stadium with 5,000 seats. In Katsushika, he revealed a plan to build a stadium that goes beyond the ward level and expressed his intention to support it extensively. “The stadium may be named ‘Captip Tsubasa’ Stadium, and we plan to include souvenir sales, a museum, etc. to keep a global tourist base,” Takahashi explained.

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