“Can Gangnam rest a little longer before coming?” The rebellion of the Lotte backup catcher who woke up to bat is not unusual

August 15, 2023 0 Comments

Lotte Giants catcher Jung Bo-geun is showing amazing batting pace in August. It is an outstanding performance that does not feel the absence of starting catcher Yoo Kang-nam’s injury. Lotte hitting coach Park Heung-shik also gave thumbs up to Jung Bo-geun’s batting growth. It is thanks to the effect of consistently digesting the assignments given from the finish camp last fall.

Lotte achieved two consecutive winning series against Kiwoom Heroes and KIA Tigers last week. 7th place Lotte, who recorded 47 wins and 51 losses in the season, narrowed the gap with 5th place Doosan Bears, who had the right to advance to fall baseball, to 3 games. It was the result of continuing the hope of advancing to the postseason.

The player who played a big role in the recent rebound of Lotte is Jung Bo-geun. Jeong Bo-geun is wielding a batting average of 0.458 / 11 hits / 1 home run / 4 RBIs / 4 walks in August. With Jung Bo-geun and Son Seong-bin supporting him, starting catcher Yu Gang-nam is perfectly filling the void left by an oblique muscle injury at the end of July in both the offense and defense.

What is the reason for Jung Bo-geun’s hitting potential in full force recently? Coach Park Heung-shik believed that Jung Bo-geun’s batting mechanism improved thanks to his steady execution of assignments from last year’s finish camp.

Coach Park said, “When I came to the team last year, I heard that Jeong Bo-geun had a high level of defense, but the batting was not resolved. So, he has been thinking about improving his hitting since the finish camp. Overall, the swing posture was not bad, but he changed the direction to hit the ground after lifting his right heel in preparation. Before that, it was a swing without a sense of rhythm, so hitting balls without a beat continued to come out. He explained that it was the result of continuing to work on that part in the Future Steam team.”

In order to fill the vacancy of Yoo Kang-nam’s injury, Jung Bo-geun was given a steady opportunity to play. Jeong Bo-geun did not miss the opportunity. Now, there are even voices saying that she will threaten the position of the hostess.

Coach Park said, “It feels like Jung Bo-geun has opened his eyes to producing long-distance line drives. It is not that luck does not follow from a missed hit, but the quality of the ball itself has changed. It seems that he felt more motivated after Yoo Kang-nam was away. He smiled and said, “I can go to Gangnam after resting for a while.”

Even Jeong Bo-geun is a hot August Lotte bat… Now only the drum is left

Along with Jung Bo-geun, it is also encouraging that veteran hitters such as Ahn Chi-hong, Jeon Jun-woo, Jeong-hoon, and Noh Jin-hyuk have recently risen. I can afford to give Kim Min-seok and Yoon Dong-hee time to catch their breath, which is the time to physically send them off.

Coach Park said, “It is encouraging that veteran hitters’ sense of hitting has recently increased. Now, players Kim Min-seok and Yoon Dong-hee, who worked hard during the first half, are feeling exhausted, but I try to give them a break when I can. Overall, the atmosphere of the team batting pace finding its place,” he expected.

However, if there is one concern, it is Nico Goodrum, a foreign batter. Goodrum, who joined the team as a substitute in the second half, played in 21 games and recorded a batting average of 0.247 / 20 hits / 14 RBI / on-base percentage of 0.333 / slugging percentage of 0.321.토토사이트

Coach Park said, “In the case of Gudrum, we can’t afford to wait until we come up. He is a substitute in the middle of the season, so after playing for about a month, it is right that he has to show his skills now. When he sees his swing rhythm at the plate, it feels like he only goes out swinging his arm without too much movement. He feels like he’s standing still before hitting, so he often produces pushed balls rather than straight hits. Isn’t he just here to defend? The opposing pitcher shouldn’t skip ahead and face Gudrum. This week, it’s time to really show something,” he said forcefully.

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