‘Bullpen hunting → reverse defeat’ NC, another ‘injury bad news’ was more bitter than defeat

April 19, 2023 0 Comments

NC was defeated by LG. It went from first place alone to joint first place with LG. 

NC took a 5-1 lead against LG at Jamsil Stadium on the 19th, but lost 5-7 due to bullpen hunting. However, during the game, veteran Park Seok-min collapsed with a hamstring injury, making it a more bitter defeat. 

Park Seok-min started as a third baseman 4 times against LG that day. In the game on the 18th the previous day, I had a back problem, so I did not participate and rested. Park Seok-min, who returned to the starting lineup, scored an RBI in the early part of the game. 

It was his first at-bat with one out and first and third bases in the top of the first inning. Against Kelly, he scored an RBI with a lucky pitcher’s grounder. It was a grounder in front of the pitcher, but Kelly’s throw to second base, which attempted a double play, was biased to the side, and it was out only at second base, and the first run was scored.

In the 3rd inning, he added an RBI with a timely hit on the 1st and 3rd base chances. Against Kelly, he hit a clean left-handed timely hit and ran away 3-1. Afterwards, NC ran away 5-1 with Choi Jae-hwan’s timely hit and Ahn Joong-yeol’s timely hit. 

However, Park Seok-min collapsed with an injury in the 4th inning. He hit a ground ball to the third baseman in a chance on first out and third base, then ran with all his might to first base. However, he fell forward near first base. He appeared to slide, but then suffered a right hamstring injury and was knocked forward. The batted ball became a double hit that led from 3rd baseman to 2nd baseman to 1st baseman.

Park Seok-min, who collapsed on the ground, grabbed his right hamstring and made a painful expression. I couldn’t get up for a while, and an ambulance came to the ground. Park Seok-min did not get on the ambulance and was carried to the locker room on a stretcher.  토스카지노

An NC official said, “Park Seok-min suffered a hamstring injury and is undergoing icing treatment. A hospital check-up is scheduled for tomorrow.” In NC, foreign pitcher Widener, foreign hitter Martin, and main catcher Park Se-hyuk are out due to injuries. Manager Kang In-kwon said, “We can’t make a normal lineup because there are many injured,” but even Park Seok-min collapsed again due to an injury. 

Meanwhile, in the 7th inning with NC leading 5-2, Kim Jin-ho of the bullpen was hit by the lead batter and was replaced. Kim Yeong-gyu came up and hit Kim Hyun-soo with an RBI double at 1st and 2nd base. Then, with the first base loaded, Moon Bo-gyeong hit a sweeping triple that split the middle right and allowed a 5-6 turnaround.

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