BMW, the entire windshield is a display… Sony unveils electric car

At ‘CES 2023’, the world’s largest consumer electronics and IT exhibition, which opened in Las Vegas, USA, technologies and presentations related to mobility also attracted attention.

Correspondent Kim Tae-jong introduces from Las Vegas.


A sedan with a simple design appears on the stage using augmented reality technology.

This is BMW’s next-generation electric vehicle ‘Dee’.

BMW’s introduction is that it pursued a ‘human-like car’.

<Oliver Chipse / Chairman of the BMW Group> “Don’t call her (D) just a car. She (D) will be offended. She (D) likes to think of herself as an appointment or a better companion.”

BMW explained that the ‘D’ model can express moods such as joy and surprise by changing the headlights.

A new ‘heads-up display’ was also introduced.

By extending the projection range to the entire windshield, more diverse information can be delivered to the driver.

An electric vehicle made by Sony emerges from the darkness.

Sony, which announced its entry into the electric vehicle market last year, unveiled its first electric vehicle, the Appila, in collaboration with Honda.

Sony’s goal is to ship ‘Appilla’ to North American customers in 2026.

<Yasuhide Mizuno / Sony Honda Mobility CEO> “Following this prototype, we will proceed with mass production and development of the product, starting with pre-orders in the first half of 2025 and expecting sales to start that year.”

It is also characterized by enhanced object detection and autonomous driving capabilities with 45 sensors embedded throughout the vehicle. 토토사이트

Sony also revealed its aspirations to apply technology that uses its experiences in artificial intelligence and augmented reality to ‘Appilla’.

At the fair, we could also see models of electric vehicle charging stations that Mercedes-Benz plans to install around the world, starting with North America this year.

At this year’s CES, a different concept called ‘Marine Mobility’ was also presented.

HD Hyundai has prepared a program where you can get a glimpse of future marine mobility that uses eco-friendly fuel as an energy source, as well as a place where you can see a mock-up of a future ship.