Bang on the hero’s mural! Ja-wook Koo’s ’12 Billion Man’ was ‘Samsung’s Pride’

April 27, 2023 0 Comments

I wanted to present victory to our coach, Park Ji-man.”

tense flow. A cannon shot by Ja-wook Koo (30) decided the game. Although he was not in good condition, he attacked the opponent’s ace pitcher, broke the team’s losing streak and gave a valuable victory. At the base of it was the desire to give coach Park Jin-man (47) victory.

In the 2023 Shinhan Bank SOL KBO League home game against the Doosan Bears at Daegu Lions Park on the 26th, Koo Ja-wook started as the third hitter and right fielder and led the team to a 1-0 victory with a final solo home run that crossed the right fence at the end of the 4th inning.

Even before the game, all the spotlight was on Samsung legend Lee Seung-yeop (47), coach of the Doosan Bears.

Ja-wook Koo, who was interviewed even before the game, was asked about coach Lee Seung-yeop, who continued, “I have to talk about our team’s coach and coach, but I don’t know why I’m talking about the Samsung Lions’ opposing coach and coach.” It felt good to be there. (Coach Lee Seung-yeop) is so happy to be back at the baseball field, and baseball fans seem to be happy, but I want to give victory to our coach Jin-man Park.”

It has come to fruition properly. Doosan starter Raul Alcantara’s 149 km/h fastball hit and went over the right wall. Coincidentally, it was on the side with a mural depicting director Lee Seung-yeop’s active days.

After the game, Ja-wook Koo was reluctant to give special meaning, saying, “More than half of my home runs fly there.” said.

Although he is showing a terrifying sense of hitting this season, due to his many on-base runs, he has no choice but to build up fatigue by focusing on base running and attempting to steal a lot. In addition, from the spring camp to the infamous ‘hell training’, the fatigue was considerable.

Ja-wook Koo said, “Actually, I was still very tired and the weather was cold, so I didn’t feel well.” “Of course, I luckily hit a home run on a day like today. “I kept ordering not to be greedy,” he said.

Even before the game, all the spotlight was on Lee Seung-yeop. Many Samsung fans visited the stadium wearing ‘Samsung Lee Seung-yeop’ uniforms. The average number of spectators for five weekday games this season was 4,879, but on this day, 9,213 people visited the stadium amid such interest.

Maybe it was because they felt like they were the bridesmaids at the home stadium. Ja-wook Koo promised to present victory to coach Jin-man Park. Even after the game, Ja-wook Koo said, “Meeting (Coach Lee Seung-yeop) as an enemy, I felt certain feelings that cannot be expressed in words.” told

He added, “The media was very interested in it, but I think the coach must have been a burden in some way, so he seemed to have thought about that before the game.”

With one shot by Ja-wook Koo, Samsung escaped from a 4-game losing streak. Although the ride with the lowest-ranked Hanwha Eagles was only 0.5 games, it was expanded to 1.5 games with the victory that day. It is still in 9th place, but the gap with the 7th place KIA Tigers has narrowed to 0.5 games. 메이저놀이터

Can the victory on this day be an opportunity to change the atmosphere? Ja-wook Koo said, “Then I think it’s really fortunate. Since I was on a losing streak, I think it was better to be able to quit, and I think I can play the game with a little more comfort because I won tomorrow’s game today as well.” “From yesterday morning to the end of today ( Regarding director Lee Seung-yeop), he had a lot of interest in it, so I kept hearing about it,” he laughed.

Despite his physical inferiority, he is whipping himself. “It’s a bit difficult physically, but I’m thinking of coming out a little earlier every morning and moving a little more diligently,” he said. The seniors come to the baseball field early and take the lead by example, creating an atmosphere where junior players can exercise together. That’s really helping a lot.”

With a batting average of 0.359, an on-base percentage of 0.424, and a slugging percentage of 0.538, Ja-wook Koo is posting better results than ever since his debut. Ahead of the 2022 season, he signed a multi-year contract for 5 years and a total of 12 billion won, and showed a perfect performance as if to prove his growth toward a new legend mentally and skillfully in front of the ‘Blue Blood Man’.

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