Athletics dreamers, there is no space to run

April 19, 2023 0 Comments

The basis of all exercise is athletics. Running, jumping, and throwing are the basics of all sports. In that respect, I can’t help but say that our country’s athletics environment is in a very precarious situation.

In Seoul, the capital of the Republic of Korea, there were news reports that aspiring track and field athletes were having trouble wandering around because they couldn’t find the right place to train. It was so sad to see an interview article with coach Nam-Hong Jo of the prestigious Seoul Baemun High School, the winning team of the 2023 39th Korolong Section Marathon (People Lee Se-won met, ‘Baemun High School, the peak of the Yongsan-gu Marathon’, Korea Public Information News, March 31, 2023) .

In an interview, coach Nam-Hong Cho expressed regret that there is no stadium where young players can exercise freely. In Gyeonggi-do alone, there are about 30 sports complexes, and each metropolitan city has several sports complexes. In Seoul, there are Jamsil Stadium and Mokdong Stadium, but unpopular events such as track and field are not used.

Hyochang Stadium in Yongsan-gu used to be used as an athletics field, but now the lanes have been drastically reduced. The main stadium of Jamsil Stadium is used only for professional soccer or famous singers, and is not used for track and field training. Not too long ago, you could use the Mokdong Stadium, but even that has become an exclusive stadium for E-Land. 메이저놀이터

The middle and high school track and field teams in Seoul go to Goyang, which is an hour away, to exercise, but are often neglected as the Seoul team. Now, it is impossible to practice athletics anywhere in Seoul. Even if it is not necessary to point out the above interview with coach Nam-Hong Cho, policy consideration for athletics and marathon, which have become unpopular events, should be made to expand the base. In the concept that the basis of all sports is athletics, the point that it is most important to save its roots is gaining a favorable response.

The Korean marathon, which once conquered the world, has not been able to grow because there is no playground where they can practice. It is also worth noting the statistics that the number of players in Korea has fallen to 1/400 of Japan. I believe that securing a space where people can freely run, jump, and throw is a basic mission of a modern nation, not just to expand the base of athletes, but also as a means of promoting national health. 

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